Kanye West Inspires Kardashian To Sock It To Em: “He’s Like A Fashion Icon”

Kanye West Inspires Kardashian To Sock It To Em: “He’s Like A Fashion Icon”

Reality television star Rob Kardashian recently talked about his luxury sock line Arthur George and how much of a positive influence soon-to-be brother-in-law Kanye West has been to him.

Kardashian credited the necessity and growing popularity of socks for fueling his venture.

“Socks is just a starting point to doing apparel and streetwear. Socks just started to become more of a trend with the younger generation like five, six years ago. Me and my brother-in-law at the time, Lamar [Odom], we would just play basketball with everybody. The boys would wear colorful socks or even their dress socks and just put on their basketball shoes. Also, all my really close friends own companies like The Hundreds and Diamond and their number one sellers are socks. Everybody needs socks.” (VIBE)

Along with shouting out Yeezus, Kardashian gave props to his sister Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick.

“I mean Scott’s cool just ’cause he used to wear suits all the time and dress super intense with the suit game so he was definitely [helpful] with the dress socks. He kind of gave me the idea to go crazy. Kanye is like a fashion icon so he is definitely inspiration to being something great or having a great business. He does a lot. I mean everything he touches is literally gold from all the shoes he’s created whether it be Louis [Vuitton] to Yeezys to whatever he is about to do with Adidas. Everybody is an inspiration, not just my family members.” (VIBE)

Kanye recently popped up overseas to take part in the annual Paris Fashion Week festivities.

Rapper Kanye West — who smiled and refused to talk — shared the front row Sunday evening with another singer-cum-fashion designer, superstar Rihanna. Kim Kardashian was, however, nowhere to be seen. He skipped the 86th annual Oscars but was West trying to draw media attention away from the Dolby Theatre ceremony at by wearing a massive reflective emergency band on the back of his long black Givenchy jacket? Whatever the reason the look matched the other front row star, Rihanna, who was also in black. (Gulf News)

Kanye had the cameras snapping after arriving at renowned fashion line Givenchy’s showcase.

Held in the cavernous auditorium in the utilitarian 13th arrondissement that the brand has made its home the past few seasons, the house held the show for the two late arrivals. For the crowd, it was worth the wait, as the audience oohed at the first soft printed dresses before bold suits broke up the sweetness. After the show, West declared it “awesome.” The musician, who has been outspoken recently about the fashion world, praised designer Riccardo Tisci. “He’s my good friend. It was an amazing show, and he always inspires me,” West told Pret-a-Reporter. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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