Kanye West Gives Hollywood Paparazzi Rare Pass

Kanye West Gives Hollywood Paparazzi Rare Pass

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is either maturing as a mega celebrity or not taking any legal chances after giving paparazzi a rare pass when confronted in Hollywood this week.

Footage of Mr. West putting on a smile and avoiding any nasty feud surfaced a couple days ago.

It must be Opposite Day … because Kanye West wasn’t just cordial with a bunch of paparazzi in Hollywood moments ago, he was downright nice. Ye was picking up a friend in his murdered-out Lambo when he turned to address the photogs in pursuit … not with a fist, BUT WITH A SMILE. He gave the guys a friendly heads up that he’d be driving all the way to Anaheim today. In other words, tailing him could be a full-day mission, so the paps should know what they’re getting themselves into. A surprising move … considering the rapper’s been charged with battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a photog at LAX. Then again, it might explain why he’s being so nice. (TMZ)

According to recent reports, Mr. West is steering clear of being caught by paps at Los Angeles International Airport by taking alternate routes.

Kanye West has been instructed to stay clear of the paparazzi at LAX … to the point of flying hundreds of miles out of his way to avoid fresh confrontations … TMZ has learned. Kanye — who has been flying frequently — is finding all sorts of round-about ways of getting from L.A. to various destinations. One thing’s clear … getting into another paparazzi confrontation at LAX will be disastrous for his pending criminal case. TMZ broke the story … Kanye is being charged with battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a yappy photog. So, for example, we found out … Kanye and Kim Kardashian are going to Paris later this week, but they will be flying to another airport via private jet, where they will pick up a non-stop commercial flight to gay Paree. We’re told the private jet for the first leg will cost Kanye $5,000. We’re guessing he can afford it. (TMZ)

Mr. West’s mid-summer physical assault on a photographer came back to bite him a few weeks ago.

City attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan says West was also charged Friday with one count of attempted grand theft. The rapper’s arraignment has been set for Oct. 10 but he is not required to appear if he has an attorney. Photographer Daniel Ramos claims West punched him in an unprovoked attack and wrestled his camera to the ground during an incident at the airport on July 19. Prosecutors declined to file felony charges against West, but city prosecutors decided to pursue misdemeanor charges. Each carries a penalty of up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine. (ABC News)

Buzz about Ramos possibly seeking legal action against Ye surfaced a day prior to him holding a media conference.

Attorney Gloria Allred is set to announce the filing of a lawsuit against Kanye West over the Yeezus rapper’s confrontation with a videographer at LAX airport in mid-July. The videographer will appear alongside Allred at a news conference on Wednesday where footage of the incident will be played. The attorney will also “strongly condemn the support that some celebrities have given Kanye West for his attack on ‘paparazzi,'” reads Allred’s statement. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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