Kanye West Gets Dragged Into Bogus Paparazzi Fight Conspiracy [Video]

Kanye West Gets Dragged Into Bogus Paparazzi Fight Conspiracy [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West can breathe a bit easier as new reports claim footage of what appears to be him attacking so-called paparazzi is fake.

Despite trying to make it look like fresh footage of Ye engaged in a pap fight, the new clip does not do enough to force West to speak out.

A video went viral Tuesday that appeared to show rapper Kanye West use some sick MMA-style fighting skills to take down two paparazzi. The video was titled “Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi.” The video in question was supposedly taken this weekend in Austin, Texas. But Kanye was in New York City to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio’s 39th birthday at night then took a private jet back to LA the next day … Unless he made an overnight side-trip to Austin to brawl in the street with strangers for no apparent reason, it’s not him. Also, there are no “paparazzi” anywhere to be seen. None of the people fighting have cameras, and thus aren’t paparazzi. In fact no one has a camera except the guy filming some guys having a street brawl on his cell phone. And last but not least, Kanye is already in trouble with the law for brawling with a paparazzo outside of LAX last summer and per his lawyer’s advice has been on his best behavior around the paparazzi since. (RumorFix)

Select media outlets have confirmed Mr. West is not the person featured in the clip.

TMZ has confirmed … the fighter is NOT Kanye. The video was shot in Austin, TX and Mr. Kardashian wasn’t there at the time this hit the Internet. Our Kanye sources say he’s aware of the video and laughed, saying if it were really him, he’d be in jail for sure. All that aside, you gotta see this video. It’s awesome. (TMZ)

Initial reports suggested the recently engaged hip-hop star could have been responsible for another recorded scuffle.

A violent video of Kanye West fighting off paparazzi in Austin, Texas is being passed around throughout the web, however, the grainy video cannot confirm it’s ‘Yeezus’ knocking out two men. The video shows a Kanye look-a-like swinging on one man wearing a black shirt before turning around and knocking out a man in a white shirt. Watch the new viral video and tell us if you think it’s Kanye. (MStarz)

Recently, Mr. West said the paps could serve as a premium outlet to get messages out to the public.

“They help me to influence. At any point, if I want to talk directly to the public, I can use that outlet too,” Kanye explained in an interview. “I should be respected to the highest level at this point for what I’ve been able to accomplish at this age.” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

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Check out the footage:

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