Kanye West Explains Why He Quit His “Good A** Job”

Kanye West Explains Why He Quit His “Good A** Job”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has revealed the reasons behind re-naming the initally titled Good A** Job album to Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

West claimed his disinterest in including skits on his upcoming LP forced him to choose a different title.

“I remember I just changed it because I didn’t want to do the Good A** Job thing and have to stick to the skits and everything that went with that,” West told MTV News. “My Beautiful Dark Fantasy and my album cover are just … those things are just awesome. It’s really proper, decadent, soulful lavishness, and it’s exactly what I wanna say.” (MTV)

Last February, G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean publicly announced West’s former album title.

“Up n at em!!! Time to go to Hawaii! To work on the best 2 albums of all time. Mne “Finally Famous” n Kanye’s graduation!,” Sean wrote mistakingly Sunday (February 14) morning. “I mean “Good a** Job” not Graduation. I was sleepy as h*ll when tweetedthat sh*t! Happy Valentines Day! Everybody be safe… N Don’t break my aching heart! Show me love back! I’m off to Hawaii… Luv y’all!” (Big Sean’s Twitter)

In July, West said he had decided to drop the name.

“The album is no longer called “Good A** Job” I’m bouncing a couple of titles around now,” Kanye West revealed via his newTwitter page on Wednesday (July 28). (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, West officially revealed the project would now be named My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kanye West has given fans some extended (and sometimes unsettling) glimpses inside his psyche lately, from his decadent DalĂ­-esque video for “Power” to the pristine troupe of ballet dancers who surrounded him during his recent performances on “Saturday Night Live.” So it’s only fitting that the title of his next album should reflect the summation of his alternately playful and twisted soul: the record will be called “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Mr. West wrote Tuesday morning on his Twitteraccount. Mr. West said the first song on the album would be “Dark Fantasy,” a track produced by RZA and co-produced by No I.D. and Mr. West, and the next single to be released would be a song called “All of the Lights.” (New York Times)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is scheduled to drop Monday, November 22nd.

Check out a recent Kanye West interview down below:

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