Kanye West Explains His Awards Frustrations: “I’ve Never Won A Grammy Outside Of The Rap Or R&B Categories”

Kanye West Explains His Awards Frustrations: “I’ve Never Won A Grammy Outside Of The Rap Or R&B Categories”

Def Jam star Kanye West recently discussed his never-ending struggle for acceptance at the Grammy Awards and why he still holds a grudge despite winning trophies in the past.

Despite landing nominations in non-urban categories like “Best Album,” Mr. West said not winning has almost become the norm.

“I wasn’t even nominated for Best Album this year. This year, I only got two nominations by the Grammys: for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song. … I’ve been nominated for Best Album maybe three times. I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne less than a year apart and neither of them got nominated. “Ni**as in Paris” [off Watch the Throne] wasn’t nominated for Best Song either.” (Interview Magazine)

Kanye also noted the trend of being generalized at the annual showcase.

“But let’s go into the fact that I have the most Grammys of any 36-year-old or 40-year-old or whatever, and I’ve never won a Grammy outside of the Rap or R&B categories. “Jesus Walks” lost Best Song to some other song; “Ni**as in Paris” wasn’t nominated in that category. But those are the labels that people want to put on you. People see you in a certain way, so if I was doing a clothing line that had rock tees in it or whatever we just did for the “Yeezus” tour, which sells $400,000 of stuff in two days.” (Interview Magazine)

Recently, rap veteran Busta Rhymes said Kanye’s Yeezus album pushed the music industry’s boundaries and should have received more praise from a nominees standpoint.

“I’m happy for Kendrick. I really believe he deserves his seven nominations, man. I’m happy for Jay Z. I think he deserves his nine nominations. I think Drake should have got more nominations and I think Kanye should have got more nominations because, I think especially Kanye, he made a brave album. I’m a fan of the dude. I think he could really rap. I just think that overall, the nominations for the Grammys was powerful.” (“The Rickey Smiley Show”)

In a mini-rant, Mr. West recently questioned why his summer release could have been embraced by so many music critics but only receive two nods.

Where’s the Grammy love for Kanye?! At least that’s what the egotistcal rapper is asking. West performed in Phoenix Tuesday night, and during one of his onstage rants, the artist complained about only receiving two Grammy nominations this year-one for Best Rap Album, and the other for Best Rap Song. A paranoid West complained to the audience”And Yeezus is the top one or two album on every single list but only gets two nominations from the Grammys. What are they trying to say?” I don’t know Kanye-maybe there’s a massive anti-Kanye movement going on or something. Seriously, bro, relax! (RumorFix)

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