Kanye West Dresses “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” In Jewels

Kanye West Dresses “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” In Jewels

Grammy-winning rapper/producer Kanye West has described what fans could expect from his upcoming Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

West enlisted the assistance of producers like RZA and Q-Tip to create a “throwback” feel for his latest LP.

“I wanted to take it back to the essence, like the soulful people who brought knowledge–like RZA and Q-Tip. At a certain point, you need to find a better way to do it; it’s like people [in basketball] who dunk and hurt their wrist and come down on their knees too hard. Your knee’s gonna give out at a certain point. Some of my social and public-persona knees are starting to give out. I still want to run the games. I’ve just got to not get kicked up quite as hard.” (Vanity Fair)

Last month, Q-Tip discussed West’s state of mind in approaching the upcoming solo project.

“This album is, in a good way, going backwards. He’s such an artist. He knows exactly what he’s doing. When he did [808s & Heartbreaks] that was such a departure from College Dropout. But now he’s stepping backwards so this album will be more of a sonic extension of College Dropout and Graduation but he’s doing it with a new attitude. He’s looking forward but reaching back, which is interesting. It’s a calculated toe in yesterday’s water if that makes any sense at all (laughs).” (XXL Mag)

West announced his anticipated album title earlier this month via his Twitter account.

Kanye West has given fans some extended (and sometimes unsettling) glimpses inside his psyche lately, from his decadent DalĂ­-esque video for “Power” to the pristine troupe of ballet dancers who surrounded him during his recent performances on “Saturday Night Live.” So it’s only fitting that the title of his next album should reflect the summation of his alternately playful and twisted soul: the record will be called “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Mr. West wrote Tuesday morning on his Twitter account. Mr. West said the first song on the album would be “Dark Fantasy,” a track produced by RZA and co-produced by No I.D. and Mr. West, and the next single to be released would be a song called “All of the Lights.” (New York Times)

The project will be released in late November.

Kanye West finally confirmed on Twitter yesterday that his upcoming album will be released on November 22nd. Despite early word that the album would titled Good A** Job, Kanye tweeted that Fantasy “is and always was” the name of his fifth album. “The first song on the album is called ‘Dark Fantasy’ produced by The Rza co-produced by me and No I.D.,” Kanye wrote. He added that some of his G.O.O.D. Friday free downloads will appear on Fantasy. (Rolling Stone)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is scheduled to drop Monday, November 22nd.

Check out a recent Kanye West interview down below:

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