Kanye West Does The Time Warp, “This Album Is Going Backwards”

Kanye West Does The Time Warp, “This Album Is Going Backwards”

Kanye West‘s comeback album will take fans on a backwards journey, allowing them to revisit the mood of his debut, The College Dropout.

While limited on details, one of the album’s producers, Q-Tip, hinted at what to expect on West’s fifth solo effort.

“This album is, in a good way, going backwards. He’s such an artist. He knows exactly what he’s doing. When he did [808s & Heartbreaks] that was such a departure from College Dropout. But now he’s stepping backwards so this album will be more of a sonic extension of College Dropout and Graduation but he’s doing it with a new attitude. He’s looking forward but reaching back, which is interesting. It’s a calculated toe in yesterday’s water if that makes any sense at all (laughs).” (XXL Mag)

During a Ustream session last month, West said plans for a September album release were nixed.

Kanye West is taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer. The rapper, who recently joined Twitter, hosted his first Ustream chat today (Aug. 6) from Korea and revealed that his new album will be out “sometime in November.” West also said that his next single — the follow-up to “Power” — will drop in about 20 days, and it’s a toss-up between a track called “Lost in The World” and “All of The Lights.” He played a short snippet of the latter, which features big horns and double-speed drums. (Billboard)

West recently talked about wanting his new LP to be filled with joy.

“Everyone says all great art comes from pain but I think my greatest art comes from excitement and joy. It’s a completely different perspective about being extremely excited about stuff that is only cool to me,” West said in a recent Rolling Stone office visit. “Like, when I tweeted, ‘What’s your credenza game?’ I was very excited about that credenza…It was important to not be limited by the art form of rap but to have rap bring it to another level. Is it rap or is it poetry? Is it spoken word? Is it [a] speech?” (MTV)

While the album is still being worked on, West’s G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Common recently said he hoped to hop on the LP before its November 16th release.

“Man I ain’t on there right now. I got a couple lines on this new G.O.O.D. music song that just came out, but maybe I will be on the album you know if it’s not done yet, it would be cool.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Kanye West interview down below:

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