Kanye West Dissects His Evolved Spitting Style: “I Used To Not Rap That Good But I Knew I Had Something To Say” [Video]

Kanye West Dissects His Evolved Spitting Style: “I Used To Not Rap That Good But I Knew I Had Something To Say” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West recently reflected on his superstar music career and how he managed to grow as en emcee despite not considering himself one of the elite.

Ye admitted even though he initially fell behind the hip-hop greats, his raps always had strong messages in them.

“I used to not rap that good, but I knew that I had something to say. People would put up with it because they liked that soul sound that Jay Z and Mos Def had presented to them. This new version of the sound that mixed Roc-A-Fella and [Dr.] Dre drums next to a more Wu-Tang type of soul. And my style of rap was more spoken word. That’s why I had to be so message based. It had to be something where if you took the beat away, it literally would be a poem. But coming from those places, by the time I learned how to rap, now you’re getting the combination of the highest level of information next to a good rapper.” (Q102)

Back in May, Kanye’s fellow Yeezus tour headliner Kendrick Lamar spoke on his greatness.

So, Kanye doing things the way he did is just West being the genius that he is, Lamar said, challenging the game and raising stakes once again with an album that’s rumored to be titled Yeezus. “That’s crazy, I want to hear that,” Lamar said. “That’s that creative Kanye genius stuff out the box … whatever way is his way of being creative and getting his message across through that album, that’s the culture. I can’t wait to hear it.” (MTV)

Outside of hip-hop, Ye recently talked about having a daughter with reality star Kim Kardashian and what she means to him.

“Just being super focused, even more determined to get these ideas across and establish the exact foundation I want for my family. I’m not as concerned about the idea of profanity or nudity, it’s more the messaging behind it. [North West is] gonna be in the real world, and she’s gonna hear things and see things, and I think she’s gonna be prepared for them.” (“Ellen DeGeneres Show”)

Last week, Kanye dipped out of a celebration for actor Leonardo DiCaprio to take North West to a doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles.

Kanye West clearly has new priorities … leaving an epic birthday party for Leo DiCaprio in NYC and flying all night back to L.A. for North West’s doctor’s appointment. We’re told Kanye and Kim landed just before 6 AM … and rushed home where Kanye picked up Nori and headed to the doctor’s office in Bev Hills. FYI … guess who didn’t go? Mama K was otherwise engaged. The kid’s fine. It was just a routine baby visit. Maybe it’ll impress the judge in the assault case. (TMZ)

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