Kanye West Digs “Deeper Than Rap,” “Rick’s New Album Is The Sh*t”

Kanye West Digs “Deeper Than Rap,” “Rick’s New Album Is The Sh*t”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has voiced his opinion on Rick RossDeeper Than Rap album giving it his “highest honor.”

Despite Ross’ current rap beef with 50 Cent, Yeezy stepped forward to give approval of his labelmate’s highly anticipated release.

“Rick’s album is the sh*t!!!!,” Ye wrote in his daily blog. “He made an album I can play in my apartment which is the highest honor I can give any piece of music. TV On The Radio, Pink Floyd and the new Rick Ross album!” (Kanye’s Blog)

Aside from giving Ross props, Ye is also featured on the new album.

“Maybach Music 2″ features T-Pain on the chorus and Lil Wayne plus West with guest verses. “Martin Louis Vuitton Jr/Startin’ all that stuntin’ is gonna ruin ya,” Ye raps. “I am the sh*t and this is my commode/ Uh-oh, there they go talking about how your boy’s clothes extra tight/ I just remember that my limelight extra bright/I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype/You hit the strip club and girls turn extra d*ke.”. (“Maybach Music 2″)

In addition to gaining fans’ attention via his rap beef with 50, Ross also teamed with director Rik Cordero for his Deeper Than Rap short film.

Executive produced by Rick Ross, Deeper Than Rap shows the young brother of a successful drug dealer witness the murder of his older sibling and associate while in his home. Filmed with a dark setting and with songs from Ross’ album playing in the background, the film jumps to a present-day image of the protagonist as he has followed in his brother’s footsteps within the drug game. Showing he has a business mentality amongst his associates and partners, the story’s main character faces off with the men responsible for slaying his family. (SOHH TV)

Slip-N-Slide CEO Ted Lucas helped Ross secure his first major deal with Def Jam.

Lucas signed Trick Daddy and Trina to Atlantic Records and helped give Miami hip-hop a credibility it had never had. But he struggled for a few years to establish another act, until finally Def Jam signed Rick Ross, and “Hustlin'” blew up. (Vibe Magazine)

Ross’ album is reportedly en route to sell up to an estimated 160,000 copies its first week in stores.

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