Kanye West Credits Dame Dash For Overseas Vision: “He Stressed The Importance Of Connecting W/ London”

Kanye West Credits Dame Dash For Overseas Vision: “He Stressed The Importance Of Connecting W/ London”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West recently talked about how much he has come to embrace his overseas presence and how big of a role former Roc-A-Fella Records boss Damon “Dame” Dash played.

According to Mr. West, Dame realized the importance of his Roc roster traveling overseas and building their image in the United Kingdom in the early 2000’s.

“I think it was when Damon Dash had me and some other Roc-A-Fella artists come over. He stressed the importance of connecting with London, especially. Then we went to France, and I hated France when we first went there. Now, of course, I love it,” Kanye said in an interview. “But at the time, there was a rapper out of Chicago who wanted me to show up at some event of his, and he was trying to threaten me in some way physically if I didn’t show up because we had done a record together. And Dame Dash had to man-up on the situation and apply a bit of gangster to have them fall back, just for me to be able to get on that first flight to London.” (Interview Magazine)

Last week, rap star Nicki Minaj‘s protégé Parker Ighile spoke to SOHH about London’s music scene’s growing popularity and Philadelphia rapper Eve getting engaged to British designer Maximillion Coooper.

“I love Eve’s music and growing up I was very much into the Ruff Ryder movement, I’m still a huge fan of Swizz [Beatz] too and it’s great to see how everybody’s grown and evolved since then,” Parker told SOHH when asked for his thoughts on Eve’s engagement to British designer Maximillion Cooper. “Over the past few years we’ve seen more and more British artists grace the world stage and in my opinion the UK is beyond eclectic when it comes to culture and art so honestly it’s really no surprise that Eve has settled out here. I’m sure she feels right at home, similar to how I feel when I’m stateside.” (SOHH)

Last year, Eve told SOHH romantic interests initially persuaded her to make the move to London but admitted she quickly fell in love with the city’s music scene.

“I tell people all the time, I think any artist, whatever you do, London is one of those places you got to go at some point in your life,” Eve told SOHH. “It’s a lot of creativity there, it’s a lot of inspiration there. It’s different sounds than what’s here in the US and I just think it’s exciting. For me, I went out there for a different reason. I didn’t just go out there on the music side. I went out there because I was living there. I decided to move there for my relationship. It’s been a bonus that I got exposed to the music but yeah, it’s a lot of inspiration.” (SOHH)

G-Unit’s 50 Cent previously revealed his love for the London music scene.

“I’m going to go on an international tour following this [Street King Immortal release], with my music and stuff like that when I get back,” Fif revealed in an interview. “[Where do I love most outside of my home?] London. I do, I like London because it’s like your first stop, your first international spot. You be like, ‘Wow, I’m in London.’ Like, the record company takes you to London from the US. It’s the very first place and you get a chance to enjoy it.” (TV Total)

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