Kanye West Catches Huge Break After LAX Attack

Kanye West Catches Huge Break After LAX Attack

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West can breathe a huge sigh of relief as reports claim he will not be prosecuted for a recent paparazzo attack at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to reports, Mr. West will likely avoid serious charges from the mid-July incident.

Kanye West must have a really good lawyer, because law enforcement sources tell us it’s virtually certain he will NOT be charged with ANY crime in connection with last week’s paparazzo attack. Here’s the way we’re told it will play out. LAPD robbery detectives are investigating the photog’s allegation that Kanye tried to steal his camera — but our sources say that dog won’t hunt. The D.A. will NEVER charge Kanye with felony attempted robbery, because there’s no proof he tried to pilfer the camera at LAX. (TMZ)

The reports also suggest Ye could throw up a few dollars to make the incident fizzle away.

We’re told cops will send the attempted robbery file to the D.A. and they expect it will be rejected within days. The next step — the file goes to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution. But here’s why that won’t happen. We’re told Kanye is willing to ante up some cash to make the case go away, and it’s perfectly legal. It’s called a civil compromise and it’s done everyday. (TMZ)

A few days ago, music icon Cher hopped onto her Twitter page and came to Kanye’s defense.


“It! Ran after him & yelled If i catch u I’ll beat u 2 death with that Camera mfr.He dropped it & Ran ! My 4 yr old child fainted ! fk them” (Cher’s Twitter)

Along with this incident, footage bubbled across the Internet of Kanye getting into another heated argument with a paparazzo.

The rapper was caught on camera arriving at LAX to catch a flight out of L.A. and offered up an odd rant about his privacy as the TMZ.com cameraman shot footage and professed his love and admiration for the hitmaker. West raged, “I appreciate that but don’t talk… don’t talk to me… I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know… and tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows… Don’t talk to themselves… Don’t talk ever again.” The pap refused to heed West’s warning and when he asked about a possible sequel to the rapper’s Watch the Throne album with Jay-Z, Kanye snapped and charged the guy, snatching for his video camera. (ABC 2 News)

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