Kanye West Calls Out Greatest NBA Player Of All Time [Video]

Kanye West Calls Out Greatest NBA Player Of All Time [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West‘s streak of name-dropping high-profile entertainers during his Yeezus tour run continued with him taking aim at retired NBA legend Michael Jordan this week.

During a portion of his Chicago performance Wednesday (December 18) evening, Yeezy singled out his hometown hero’s late career decision to join the Washington Wizards.

This rant was not like all of the others, though. Because rather than just rant, Kanye also sang an entire song–in Auto-Tune!–that is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head. There is some ranting and raving within the actual song itself and, really, we hesitate to call it a “song” at all (one Complex staffer referred to it as an “Auto-Tune visionary stream of consciousness,” which is pretty accurate). But Kanye really gets into it here and somehow manages to draw comparisons between the way that the Bulls treated MJ at the end of his career and the way that some very important people out there are treating him now. It’s…interesting (as a sidebar, it’s worth reading this breakdown of Kanye’s “song” that tears his entire premise to shreds). Go ahead and press play on ‘Ye’s new tune now. Just don’t be surprised when you’re walking around in two hours singing, “WE, SHOULD’VE, NEVER, EVER, LET, MICHAEL JORDAN, PLAY, FOR, THE, WIIIIIIZARDS!” You’ve been warned! (Complex)

Last month, Mr. West singled out Lenny Kravtiz during his New York concert.

Kanye West wowed the Garden Sunday night — but interrupted the concert for a 20- minute rant against the fashion industry, calling himself “The 2Pac of this [bleep]” and the “No. 1 rock star on the planet.” In the middle of a blistering performance, West went on a bizarre diatribe about Lenny Kravitz — not realizing that Kravitz was actually there in the audience cringing. Before a crowd that included Leo DiCaprio, Idris Elba, Busta Rymes and John McEnroe, West raved, “It’s so funny when people compliment me and they say the word ‘genius’ as if that somehow separates me from other rappers in some way …. I need you all to realize that Jay Z is a genius, and Drake is a genius …. we are the modern day poets, obviously.” (Page Six)

Recently, Kanye compared the sacrifices he makes as a live performer to those of an officer of the law.

“I’m putting my life at risk. I think when I’m on the ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothin” and ‘Coldest Winter’ moment, like, that mountain goes really, really high. And if I slipped and my leg happens and you never know. I think about my family. I’m like, ‘Wow.’ This is like being a police officer or at war or something. You’re literally going out to do your job every day and knowing that something could happen verbally from the press bashing you. Something could happen to you from people not liking you anymore because of your records and you could actually slip on that stage. It’s like we’re walking this tight rope and we’re fighting for creativity and fighting for ideas and fighting for thought. I’ll explain it to my daughter one day that me and her mother, we had to fight for this position that we’ll finally have.” (“Saturday Night Online)

Earlier this month, reports of Ye having problems filling up a Midwest concert venue surfaced.

Kanye West’s troubled-plagued tour continues with the latest stop on the Yeezus extravaganza filling only 4,500 of the over 19,000 seats in the Kansas City Sprint Center. Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy has had to cancel multiple concerts on the tour for what he says are technical difficulties, and the Tuesday night show was a “thin turnout,” according to the Kansas City Star. “West almost certainly could have filled the Sprint Center five years ago,” the paper reported. “Tuesday’s poor attendance indicates how his scandalous love life, frequent impolite pronouncements and his gradual shift away from conventional hip-hop have alienated many of his fans.” (RadarOnline)

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Check out Kanye West’s latest rant:

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