Kanye West Calls Out Gossip Site, “They So F*ckin’ Full Of Sh*t. Show Your Motherf*ckin’ Face So I Can Smack…” [Video]

Kanye West Calls Out Gossip Site, “They So F*ckin’ Full Of Sh*t. Show Your Motherf*ckin’ Face So I Can Smack…” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West finally reached the tipping point over the weekend and lashed out at popular gossip website Media Take Out during an Atlantic City, New Jersey concert.

During his show, Yeezy took aim at MTO over its authenticity and lack of credibility.

“If you have something to give the world, a lot of times, the press just tries to take everything negative. Just look at Media Take Out, they so f*ckin’ full of sh*t. Show your motherf*ckin’ face so I can smack the sh*t out of you! Making up sh*t every day. I am flawed as a human being. I am flawed as a person. As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect! This is the best that you gon’ get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, I’m sorry. You go back to Beethoven and sh*t, but as far as this lifetime though, this is all you got.” (YouTube)

Last March, G.O.O.D. Music’s Teyana Taylor called out the site after it claimed she was dating Yeezy.

“ok…WOW @ MTO. and then WOW @ the ppl who really believed MTO,” she tweeted Monday (March 28).

“lmfaooooooooo this site got me die’n over here with the stories they tell!!! smh lol” (Teyana Taylor’s Twitter)

In January, MTO released a graphic photo it said was Yeezy in the act of sex.

MediaTakeOut.com woke up this morning and was SHOCKED with what we found. A NEKKID pic of Kanye West .. .. giving BACKSHOTS to a CELEBRITY!!! We confirmed that the pic is indeed AUTHENTIC. And the woman in the pic . . . well we ain’t just yet. But let’s just say that when you find out WHO it is that Kanye was FREAKIN OFF . . . you’re jaw will fall ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR!!! We’ll reveal shortly . . . Developing . . . (Media Take Out)

Mr. West spent the weekend in Atlantic City for a two-night concert.

Kanye West has his moments of humility, but they never last too long. The rapper and producer and Kim Kardashian dater began his first of two sold-out shows at the Revel resort in Atlantic City on Friday by taking a tour above the crowd aboard a hydraulic crane. Later, after declaring himself “a hip-hop legend / I think I died in an accident, ’cause this must be heaven” in “Touch The Sky,” he paused to take a breath and address the audience at Ovation Hall where he and three back-up musician-programmers and 12 ballet dancers are scheduled to play again on Saturday night. (Philly)

Check out Kanye West’s remarks below:

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