Kanye West Brings Back Secret Weapon For New LP: “It’s Good To Bring Him Things That Are Raw”

Kanye West Brings Back Secret Weapon For New LP: “It’s Good To Bring Him Things That Are Raw”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West may have a ton of production accolades to his name, however, Ye has decided to once again work with longtime friend/fellow hitmaker Jeff Bhasker for his upcoming solo album.

Originally Ye’s keyboardist, Bhasker has evolved into a vital part of the rapper’s hit-making crew and will be present on the upcoming untitled LP.

“I’m working on his next album and going out to do shows with him in London and Paris,” Bhasker said of Kanye. “I’m going to spend some time with him seeing if I can contribute something to the album. It’s always great to collaborate with him. He recharges my battery with his superhuman artistic strength. It’s great to have that rub off on you.” The pair have had a very fruitful association so far, working on such West classics as “Runaway,” “All of the Lights,” “Power,” Amazing” and “Love Lockdown.” (MTV)

The award-winning producer also detailed how much of a close-knit bond they share when it comes to grinding out new tunes.

Bhasker said some of his favorite moments in the studio with Kanye are the unexpected ones where they capture a unique moment. “I brought the music and then made a beat for it [“Lift Off”] on the spot,” he said of the Throne song featuring BeyoncĂ©. “Sometimes it’s good to bring him things that are raw and then we just do it on the spot. A lot of it is done on the piano because I try to keep it spontaneous.” (MTV)

A few days ago, G.O.O.D. affiliate Malik Yuself hinted at what Ye is bringing to his long-awaited solo release.

He’s not the only act to firm up recording plans with West to reporters at the Awards. Longtime collaborator Malik Yusef was also on hand, and he ended up describing his efforts with West akin to “work camps,” saying recording can be “tortuous.” “He is a perfectionist, obviously. It’s harsh,” he said, noting that whether they’re in Paris or Hawaii, it’s a labor. “[West] says no to a hundred things.” As to the specifics of sound and scope, Yusef said “I can’t talk too much about it. Just remember black music, the black experience. It’s a throwback to that era,” he said, but “a distillation of what’s happening in the modern world.” What it won’t have is a lot of West singing, or at least not as much singing as he did on 2008’s “808s & Heartbreak.” “I don’t know if we’d ever revisit that amount of singing,” Yusef said. (HitFix)

During last weekend’s Grammy Awards, hitmaker The-Dream revealed Mr. West’s plans to work on the project overseas.

“I’ve been told to zip it,” he said. However, he did reveal Kanye West is working on his next album — and he’ll be joining the hip-hop star in Paris to work on it in the coming weeks. (Billboard)

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