Kanye West Associate Kid Cudi Handcuffed At NBA All-Star Event, Not Arrested

Kanye West Associate Kid Cudi Handcuffed At NBA All-Star Event, Not Arrested

G.O.O.D. Music artist Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi was reportedly handcuffed by Arizona police after verbally assaulting a female Reebok employee in Phoenix Friday (February 13) night.

Early reports said the rapper was both tasered and arrested by authorities.

Cudi was in an altercation leaving him tasered and apprehended by authorities, according to multiple sources. The rapper apparently was involved in a fight or altercation while at a Reebok party in Phoenix, Arizona. Much of the music industry is in the city celebrating the NBA’s popular All-Star weekend. Eyewitnesses said he physically and verbally confronted a pair of Reebok employees. The artist was booked by the apparel company to perform at the venue. (All Hip Hop)

Despite rumors of him being arrested, hip-hop personality Angela Yee reportedly spoke to one of the event’s employees who debunked these claims.

“I’m here, several people are saying why it all happened,” Yee wrote unmodified on Twitter. ” He didn’t want to wear Reebok, finally took off his Jordans, then told chick ‘D*mn I put them on now can I get a drink b*tch” and dude from Reebok stepped in and it got broken up. Cops cuffed him outside…Just interviewed a Reebok employee, he was handcuffed, not arrested.” (Angela Yee’s Twitter)

The incident has caught the attention of various rap artists including Talib Kweli.

“Kid Cudi got into an argument because he wanted to perform at a Reebok party with Jordans on and then got tasered by popo,” Kweli wrote unmodified on Twitter. Is this true? Arizona police go hard on us, DMX, Tyson, Barkley, Cudi…Kid Cudi REALLY dont like Reeboks, huh? (Talib Kweli’s Twitter)

Cudi is known for his work and collaborations with Kanye West.

Currently the hottest new hip-hop artist in the United States, Kid Cudi has signed to Kanye West’s label, is featured on the star’s new album and has been supporting him on tour. Like his mentor, the 23-year-old, from Cleveland, Ohio is at the adventurous end of rap and his single “Day ‘N’ Nite” bridges the gap between dance and urban. (BBC News)

The rapper’s style is reportedly molded as a new wave of music.

His music can only be described as the next level of music in our generation and for generations to come. Cudi fuses alternative rock, hip hop and occasionally R & B, to form feel good and emotionally conscious records. His content is filled with witty explanations about himself and his lifes journeys, with a twist of story telling scenerios. (Kid Cudi)

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