Kanye West Aiming For A Pricey One-Night Stand, “He Doesn’t Want To ]…] For Less Than A Mil”

Kanye West Aiming For A Pricey One-Night Stand, “He Doesn’t Want To ]…] For Less Than A Mil”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is allegedly shopping different venues to perform at on New Year’s Eve with reports suggesting he is looking to bank $1 million for a one-night gig.

According to reports, Ye could end up deejaying at a Las Vegas party this Saturday.

After refusing to settle for less than $1 million to perform at a New Year’s Eve party, Kanye West went back on a hunt to land a gig two days before the ball drops. “He doesn’t want to get on a stage for less than a mil,” a source said. The “Watch the Throne” rapper is considering heading west to Vegas to DJ at an Eve bash — but at a much lower rate. (New York Post)

A few days ago, Ye publicly revealed his interest to deejay heading into 2012.

“I kinda wanna DJ somewhere this New Years”

“My New Years DJ name is gone be YEEZY WORLD PEACE! If you book me you have to put YEEZY WORLD PEACE on the E-vite. Or I ain’t spinning.”

“Ima need a stealth bomber and 2 bottled waters #YEEZYWORLDPEACE’SRIDER,” Ye tweeted December 28th. (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Ye’s pricey New Year’s Eve game plan comes shortly after making $6 million alongside Jay-Z for a Sweet 16 birthday party performance.

Do you remember your Sweet 16? Mine was spent in my basement. And we’re pretty positive even the blingest bash on My Super Sweet 16 couldn’t compete with this one. How about paying $6 million for Jay-Z and Kanye West (aka The Throne) to perform at your birthday bash? That’s how much Manchester Football Club owner, Sheikh Mansour, paid for the pair to fly out to Dubai so his niece and her guests could Watch the Throne. Yeezy and Jay, who are nominated for a combined 10 awards at the 2012 Grammys–including Best Rap Album for their WTT collaboration and Best Rap Song for “Otis”–performed both their collaborations and a few of their respective solo hits at the pricey Sweet 16 party. (RapFix)

Last summer, Kanye made Forbesannual “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list.

Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) leads all comers once again with $37 million in earnings since last August. A majority of the dough is proceeds from his Blueprint 3 tour. Nipping at his heels, however, is fellow mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, who raked in a neat $35 million from his Bad Boy record label, his Sean John clothing line and his lucrative Ciroc vodka deal. West may have landed at No. 3, but he’s a ways down there at “only” $16 million. (E! Online)

Check out some recent Kanye West footage below:

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