Kafani To Lil B: “When I Come Off House Arrest, I’m Gonna Embarrass Your B*tch A**” [Video]

Kafani To Lil B: “When I Come Off House Arrest, I’m Gonna Embarrass Your B*tch A**” [Video]

West Coast rapper Kafani has decided to take his private dispute with Lil B public, promising to meet him face-to-face once he gets off house arrest.

Kafani claims Lil B has been talking behind his back, prompting him to release a video address.

“You a b*tch bruh — walking around in them tight a** jeans, n*gga,” Kafani said in a video. “When I see you I’m gonna slap the sh*t out you. You know I got money, n*gga, so you know I’ma find you. I’m on house arrest right now. Got a few months. When I come off house arrest I’m gonna embarrass your b*tch a**. Believe that.” (Kafani YouTube)

Kafani’s diss comes just days after West Coast rapper Game labeled Lil B as the wackest rapper ever.

“Number one, wackest rapper of all-time,” Game said in an interview. “This is crazy, man. The wackest rapper. Lil B. Lil B. Yeah, he gotta get it because I heard him on [Lil] Wayne‘s, I heard him on [Wayne’s] Sorry 4 The Wait and that was it. I couldn’t — that was it. I never really heard anything else that I can even remember to call it wack but I remember I heard that and that’s what it was. So, like, Lil B.” (Vlad TV)

Over the spring, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs clowned Lil B’s I’m Gay album title.

“No f*ck sh*t. This ain’t no Lil B Based God or no f*cking f*ggot sh*t like that up here,” Freddie told fans at a Southpaw Brooklyn show April 27th. “What the f*ck you thought this was? N*gga this is real rap. N*gga. Based God get the f*ck outta here n*gga.” (YouTube)

Outside of beef, Kafani recently talked to SOHH about his independent record label hustle.

“The independent game is pretty good, I mean, anything you do you have to work hard at it,” Kafani told SOHH. “On a major label, you have to work but not as hard. There’s a lot of money that the label is going to put up to get you out there. So when you’re independent, you have to grind much harder to do it. But the thing about it that I like [about] being on the independent side is that you have more freedom to do what you want to do. Everything you’re seeing is my creation and what I”m putting together. I want to be able to be independent and make music the way I want to do it. I was on E-1 Music for a minute and it was cool. It’s an indie label but still had us working off of a major scale so a lot of things that were going on with the project, I didn’t know about. So I like to be kind of hands on with my stuff. At the end of the day, I know what’s best for me.” (SOHH)

Check out Kafani’s video below:

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