Juvenile Reacts To B.G.’s Jall Bid: “I Think He Got Caught Up Into The Drug Thing, Forgot Who He Was”

Juvenile Reacts To B.G.’s Jall Bid: “I Think He Got Caught Up Into The Drug Thing, Forgot Who He Was”

Former Cash Money Records rapper Juvenile is the latest to react to the news of his ex-Hot Boys group member B.G. getting handed a 14-year jail sentence last month on a gun conviction.

Although Juve expected his former rapping partner to get time behind bars, he said the extensive sentence even took him by surprise.

“I mean 14 years was unexpected – I knew he was gon’ get some time …. I ain’t know it was gon’ be 14 years. It hit me like everybody else. Like, ‘Man, d*mn. Did it get that bad?’ He was on paper; he was on probation, and he had like a little drug charge or something that he got caught with. And, all that just fell in on him at one time ’cause he had like three open charges when they caught him.” (XXL Mag)

He also offered a take on what may have ultimately cost him 14 years of his life.

“People in his situation and I’m not saying he no junkie or nothing like that, but sometimes man, the drugs block out the person that you really are and it stops you from being the person that you really are,” Juve voiced. “And, I think B.G. got so caught up into the drug thing, he forgot who he was. He forgot, ‘I’m a cool dude. I don’t need to carry no gun. I ain’t beefing with nobody.’ And, I think he just got caught up into the life. You know cats put him on a pedestal ’cause he B.G. B.G. means Baby Gangster. He feel like he had to fulfill those shoes.” (XXL Mag)

A couple weeks ago, Cash Money’s Lil Wayne reacted to B.G.’s jail bid.

“Ah man, it’s terrible, it’s unfortunate,” Weezy said in an interview when asked about B.G’s 14-year prison sentence. “He’s a man, he’s a real man, he’s a soldier, he’s been through things like that before. So if anybody can handle it, he can.” (Hot 107.9)

Earlier the same week, the New Orleans rapper talked about his upcoming term.

“I mean, everything is everything. I got 14 years, I got 11 off that, I’ve been gone for 15 months so that puts me at 10, 11 — I’m a convicted felon and I shouldn’t have had a firearm. I had a firearm on me and I can’t take that back,” B.G. said in an interview. “I took my licks and I got to do my bid. It is what it is. At the end of the day, you have to live with the decisions you make as a man. I made my bed and I’ve got to lay in it. You know how the feds operate. If you don’t want to give them nothing, they may be extra harsh on you.” (Q93)

Check out B.G. speaking on the sentence below:

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