Juvenile Puts An End To Turk, Hots Boys Reunion Beef Speculation

Juvenile Puts An End To Turk, Hots Boys Reunion Beef Speculation

After former Cash Money Records rapper Turk hit SOHH about Juvenile or Mannie Fresh possibly requesting him to be removed from a scheduled reunion concert, Juvie the Great has spoken out.

While brief in his response to the buzz, Juvie promised things were all right with Turk.

“We here and me and Turk ain’t beefing its hotboys forever,” Juvie posted onto Instagram December 14. (Juvenile’s Instagram)

Turk followed Juvie’s comments and informed fans they all had hashed things out.

“Had A Long Conversation With @juviethegreat and @djmanniefresh tonight and we came to a reconciliation as men..Everything is all G…From this night forward we want the world to know that all is Thuggin and It’s All Love!! #HotBoyz4Ever #FREEBG” (Turk’s Instagram)

On Friday, Turk spoke to SOHH to let fans know he would not be performing at a concert the following night alongside Juve and Mannie.

“I had a show with Juvenile and Mannie Fresh that was brought to me about a month ago and everything was cool. I was with it. I don’t have any problems with Mannie Fresh or Juve. So I’m promoting the show and everyone knows any shows that I do or any features that I do, I promote. If you follow me on Instagram, I post everything from my business to my family. I keep everything open for me. I don’t want my fans and supporters to feel like I can’t be touched. So I feel it’s only right to let people know the truth of why I’m not performing at the Nitelyfe Club show in Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow. I thought about it for a while before I decided to say something because I don’t want anybody to take it the wrong way. First of all, I want everyone to know that this is not a diss and it is not a beef. It’s just real talk.” (SOHH)

Despite the confusion, the former Hot Boy said there was no beef or problems with either artist.

“I’m going to keep doing my thing. I have my own tour and my own thing that I’m doing. It’s very successful. I’m hitting all of the hoods. They love me in the streets. I’m just loving it and I appreciate all the people that are still there for me in my camp. Salute to my camp and to J. Prince, who believed in me in this new partnership. Much love to Juvenile and Mannie Fresh, I wish them all the best. If we can make money together, then let’s do that. It ain’t no beef. I got love for everybody.” (SOHH)

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