Juvenile Finds His Inner “Beast” For New LP, “I Made This Especially For My Female Fans Out There”

Juvenile Finds His Inner “Beast” For New LP, “I Made This Especially For My Female Fans Out There”

Hot Boys’ Juvenile has announced that he will be releasing a new album, Beast Mode, this summer.

According to a reports, the project will come out in early July.

After last year’s Cocky and Confident Atlantic Records release that was completely distributed by E1 Entertainment, veteran New Orleans rapper Juvenile is fully independent. E1 will solely handle Juvy’s second release in less than a year, July 6’s Beast Mode. Although details are still emerging, Juvenile will also use this opportunity to launch his UTP Records, who joins E1 in releasing the ninth official album from the platinum ’90s and ’00s emcee. (Hip Hop DX)

Juvenile has also explained why the project is coming out this summer.

“The main reason for putting out this record in the summer is that it’s a summer album. I made this album for my fans, especially for my female fans out there.” (Press Release)

His last album, Cocky & Confident, debuted on the charts last year.

Hot Boys’ Juvenile made his return to the charts this week as Cocky & Confident debuted at No. 43. Headed into his second week, Juvie the Great’s latest effort has sold 23,100 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Juvie previously spoke with SOHH about a possible Hot Boys reunion.

“I like this question, I like this question,” Juvie admitted. “I’ve been talking to Baby, man. I’ve talked to Baby, he’s real behind doing the Hot Boys album thing. He done came at me three times but the whole thing was and I wanna be truthful to everybody, it was me and him talking. Me and Wayne was cool. Me and B.G. was cool, all of us was cool but I really had to talk to Baby. We had to put everything out on the table and settle our differences and that was something we’d never done. And I can honestly say it’s been done now so y’all can definitely be looking forward to that album. It’s coming. It’s confirmed [laughs] I got a check already. I always say that when people ask like, ‘Man, they already paid me on the Hot Boys album,’ so you know, with me, I’m already in. It’s just a matter of everybody else being in. I don’t think it would be right if we left Mannie Fresh out. Don’t you think? He was the producer, he did all the music for Hot Boys, so we gotta have him involved, if he don’t do the whole album [then] he gotta do something on there.” (SOHH)

Check out a portion of Juvenile’s recent SOHH interview down below:

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