Juvenile Explains Swagger Jacking Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Cover, “That’s A Question The Label Gotta Answer”

Juvenile Explains Swagger Jacking Drake’s “Thank Me Later” Cover, “That’s A Question The Label Gotta Answer”

Former Hot Boys frontman Juvenile has denied intentionally making his new Beast Mode album cover appear nearly identical to Drake‘s Thank Me Later debut, both released this summer.

Juvie claims E1 Music was responsible for putting the cover art together.

“That’s a question the label gotta answer, to be honest. Us as artists, we really don’t have no insight on that part, man. I took a picture…[and] they took the picture and made it into that. I hadn’t seen – And you know what? If I woulda saw Drake [Thank Me Later] album cover before [Beast Mode was sent to manufacturing] and actually had control of it, I woulda stopped it. But it was out of my control, man. I couldn’t do nothing about it. That ain’t even my thing, I wouldn’t try to take nothing away from a younger cat. ‘Cause at the end of the day we all trying to eat. So I don’t wanna do anything to blemish his career – [or] make it look bad on me too… So I’m not really feeling the album cover thing myself.” (Hip Hop DX)

Last June, Juvie’s cover circulated on the Internet.

Got d*mn, Juvenile just completely bit off of Drake’s “Thank Me Later” cover with no shame. D*mn at least give Drake’s album a chance to come out first before the swagger jackin’ begins… (Crown The South)

He was later questioned about the cover during a “Hip-Hop Honors” red carpet interview.

Juvenile: I don’t know what’s going on, tell me. What’s going on what the talkin’ bout? Well, they’re saying it looks like Drake’s album cover. Junvenile: Oh. I ain’t see Drake’s album cover. I can’t–I don’t [shrugs]. But did anyone question you about that? Juvenile: Nah. You’re the first one. Oh really? It was on theinternet today. Juvenile: See, I–I ain’t get to see it yet. (Rap Radar)

The project follows up last year’s Cocky & Confident album.

“The main reason for putting out this record in the summer is that it’s a summer album. I made this album for my fans, especially for my female fans out there.” (Press Release)

Check out Juvenile speaking on his album cover below:

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