Juvenile Explains Hot Boys Reunion Hold Up, “I Really Had To Talk To Baby” [Video]

Juvenile Explains Hot Boys Reunion Hold Up, “I Really Had To Talk To Baby” [Video]

While speculation about a Hot Boys reunion continues rise, Juvenile spoke with SOHH to confirm the group getting back together, explain how he and Baby were holding up progress and stress the importance of Mannie Fresh being on the album.

From Juvie’s perspective, the four-member crew have been prepared to re-join forces for quite some time.

“I like this question, I like this question,” Juvie admitted. “I’ve been talking to Baby, man. I’ve talked to Baby, he’s real behind doing the Hot Boys album thing. He done came at me three times but the whole thing was and I wanna be truthful to everybody, it was me and him talking. Me and Wayne was cool. Me and B.G. was cool, all of us was cool but I really had to talk to Baby. We had to put everything out on the table and settle our differences and that was something we’d never done. And I can honestly say it’s been done now so y’all can definitely be looking forward to that album. It’s coming. It’s confirmed [laughs] I got a check already. I always say that when people ask like, ‘Man, they already paid me on the Hot Boys album,’ so you know, with me, I’m already in. It’s just a matter of everybody else being in. I don’t think it would be right if we left Mannie Fresh out. Don’t you think? He was the producer, he did all the music for Hot Boys, so we gotta have him involved, if he don’t do the whole album [then] he gotta do something on there.” (SOHH)

He has also suggested the reunion album would drop no earlier than 2010.

“It’s gonna be next year,” Juvie said in an interview. “Not this year, I can guarantee that. You’ll probably start seeing visuals on us, but won’t make it to the studio probably until about February when everybody’s clear.” (Baller Status)

Outside of the initial movement towards a reunion, Juvie previously said the talks of getting the camp back together had died down.

“They already gave me some money on that project but I don’t really know what happened to that,” Juvie said in an interview over the summer. “I would love to give people a concrete answer but all I can tell you is I did receive some money for that project. I don’t know what happened with the business on everybody else so I can only speak on a Juvenile standpoint.” (XXL Mag)

Footage of Lil Wayne reuniting on stage with Hot Boys circulated online around mid-summer and showed Weezy promising a collaboration album.

“Say y’all wanna see some Hot Boys sh*t, right?” Wayne asked. “So for 2009 we gonna go on with the new Hot Boys sh*t…Make some motherf*cking noise for the Hot Boys! Hot Boys is B.G. Lil Weezy. Young Turk. I will pray to you [Turk]. Juvenile. Young Moolah baby. We ain’t finished though. Since we got everybody out, we gonna celebrate. Let me hear the song [‘Pop Bottles’]. Young Money, Cash Money make noise!” (Forbez DVD)

Check out a portion of Juvenile’s SOHH interview below:

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