Just Blazes Dream Hampton Beef Reports: “Don’t Involve Me In Some F*ckboy Foolishness”

Just Blazes Dream Hampton Beef Reports: “Don’t Involve Me In Some F*ckboy Foolishness”

Former Roc-A-Fella Records producer Just Blaze is diffusing hype and reports claiming he is engaged in a beef with renowned hip-hop journalist dream hampton.

Just took to his Twitter page to set the record straight Thursday (August 16).

“What the h*ll did I just wake up to???,” he tweeted.

“And who started this notion that I was threatening @dreamhampton???? What the h*ll is wrong with some of you people?”

“Yo @dreamhampton wtf?!? I’m pretty sure you don’t follow me. If you did you’d know I quote random 80’s movies all the time.”

“.@dreamhampton in addition to that If I had real intent towards you. Why would I put it on twitter?”

“.@dreamhampton that whole situation involves a bunch of grown men who can handle their own. Y do I need to threaten someone on their behalf”

“Don’t involve me in some f*ckboy foolishness. If you’re not sure if i’m talking about you, Ask me. I will tell you.”

“And that last tweet is in general. Not at @dreamhampton. If anyone ever is wondering/cares if I have issue with them. Just ask.” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

The producer’s remarks came hours after dream posted a Tumblr message.

“I began my writing career calling out Dr Dre for his misogyny. My friendship with Jay Z began when I reviewed Reasonable Doubt and called Jay out for his hyper-capitalism . I was not ‘calling out’ Nas by telling the truth about Stic writing whole bars (ne songs) on Untitled. I was telling a truth to someone who thought Nas’ most radical verses were his own. They were not. I’m unsurprised that these men have circled around their lie. I’m unmoved by the misogynist threats I’m receiving in open forums (last night Just Blaze tweeted I should be “bled out”). But I am done. I may not be done talking about this (unsubscribe to my feed if you like, I reserve the right to block who the fuk I want), but I am done with hip hop and men who collude to silence women. And done with women who are happy they’re not me. Don’t worry. You could never be. [sic]” (dream hampton’s Tumblr)

She initially caught heat after claiming rap veteran Nas used ghostwriters for 2008’s Untitled album.

“I think Jay writes what he believes. Nas’ “N*gger” album was largely written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica @JustAire” (dream hampton’s Twitter)

This later sparked a reaction out of dead prez’s stic.man.

“Dream Hampton. I certainly don’t mean to call u a hater. I am just being brought up to speed about your tweet. I heard the “rumors” from other tweets and a few emails from fans. I still haven’t read your tweet. So my statement was just being clear on how I felt about the collab. That was a great opportunity for me to work with one of the most influential emcees to my own personal flow and craft. I can’t speak on what Jay and Nas collab was cause I wasn’t there and that’s there business. Both of those cats are awesome lyricists in my opinion. But for me I was just a white belt that answered the call for a session with a master of the craft. And I assisted where it was requested with ideas, beats and some writing. Not because Nas “needed” me lol…Again I was just honored to get the call. Nas new album Life is Good is lyrically magnificent and his skills have always spoken for them self. So that’s just my view I respect that folks may field different ways about it. Just clarifying my position. And I referred to it as a “rumor” because obviously no one of the people talking about it were present in the session. So people can sometimes think they know but weren’t present so they speak on what they think as opposed to being there. [sic]” (Facebook)

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