Just Blaze Wipes Up Slaughterhouse’s ‘Glasshouse': “I Didn’t Want It To Be An Album Full Of Them Trying To Out-Rap Each Other”

Just Blaze Wipes Up Slaughterhouse’s ‘Glasshouse': “I Didn’t Want It To Be An Album Full Of Them Trying To Out-Rap Each Other”

Mega producer Just Blaze recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Slaughterhouse group album, Glasshouse, and importance of each crew member working cohesively rather than competively.

According to Blaze, his aim is to see the four member team to dumb down any need to compete against each other.

“I’m producing the Slaughterhouse album right now,” the veteran producer said. “And my thing with that album is that I didn’t want it to be an album full of them trying to out-rap each other. I wanted them to actually be together during a majority of the process of the album as a group and just make things a little bit more rounded.” (XXL Mag)

Recently, group member Joe Budden revealed how much time Shady Records boss Eminem managed to squeeze onto the LP.

Joe Budden explained that em, who was an executive producer for the group’s last album Welcome to: Our House and the group’s mentor in many ways, had less involvement than usual because he was working on his own album. “Well, this time around he was also working on his album while we were working on our album,” Budden said in an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987. “So, he hasn’t gotten a chance or the opportunity to be as involved as he was last time, but he still gives suggestions. He still lends his input via phone or still communicates as much as he can, however he can.” Instead, Just Blaze will act as executive produce of Glass House. The album is slated for release in spring or summer. (Complex)

In a Twitter remark posted last month, Joey revealed his group project’s LP is called Glass House.

“& not to take credit at all, but I feel like the new Slaughterhouse album (Glass house) has a real Budden-esque undertone.,” Budden tweeted January 13. (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Coincidentally, Slaughterhouse announced a “Glasshouse” tour last month.

Slaughterhouse will be embarking on their “Glasshouse” tour next March. They revealed it on their new website. The tour kicks off at SXSW with five consecutive shows. From there Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9? will be travelling across the country with stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. (Complex)

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