Just Blaze Gets Thrown In Paris Jail, “Handcuffs. They Hurt & Are Very Dehumanizing”

Just Blaze Gets Thrown In Paris Jail, “Handcuffs. They Hurt & Are Very Dehumanizing”

Platinum-selling producer Just Blaze got a taste of the criminal system in Paris over the weekend, letting fans know about his overnight experience in jail.

Late last night, Just Bleezy gave his Twitter family minute-to-minute updates on what went down.

“In jail without the bail.,” he tweeted May 27th.

“My cell. I’m really going to jail. Man listen.”

“I’m really in like.. Jail.”

“Yes. I am tweeting. And yes I am in jail. in Paris. They are being cool and letting me keep my phone for now”

“They are asking me things I cant answer.. I stopped french accelerated classes when I was 10..”

“Handcuffs. I’m being cool about it. For those that have never had them. They hurt. And are very dehumanizing.” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

Despite the scare, Blaze later revealed he got to depart the jail without any fines.

“I’m getting out of here.. No fines. #newminatti”

“Ok I’m officially being let go for now. Thank you all for the support!” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)

According to reports, Blaze traveled through Europe on tour.

Just Blaze was on the final stop of his tour last night in Paris, France, appearing live at an event called Marble at Social Club, and somehow ended up being detained in a Paris jail. The details are unknown in terms of what he was brought in for, but they allowed Just to keep his phone the whole time, so he was tweeting while he was locked up. He even sent a twitpic out of his cell. It sounds like, from his tweets, that he was finally let go, and is now a free man again on a plane back to the US. (Complex)

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