Juicy J Undresses Strip Club Stigmas: “So Many People Are Stressed Out About Stupid Sh*t”

Juicy J Undresses Strip Club Stigmas: “So Many People Are Stressed Out About Stupid Sh*t”

Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J recently discussed the negative labels strip clubs have received in past years and how the adults-only spots are more welcoming to all crowds these days.

Rather than look at the lust-filled places as taboo, Juicy acknowledged how much more acceptable they are in 2012.

“It’s a club now. It’s not like, “Oh, we’re going to strip club.” It’s “Oh, we going to the club.” It’s a strip club, girls dancing naked in there, we hope. We going to have fun, as well. We’re going to kick it, pop bottles, enjoy ourselves. That’s what life is all about. It’s so short, and so many people are stressed out about stupid sh*t. I know there’s a lot of ups and downs in people’s lives going on right now, but have some fun.” (Complex)

He also touched on his music getting ample love in the strip club scene.

“It’s a great feeling, man. I love when they play “Bandz” like a hundred times and people turn up the same way as when they first heard it. I can’t complain, man. For me, being in this game for over 20 years and still can put out a record and it’s climbing charts, and people coming to shows, and singing word-for-word–it’s amazing. So we going to keep turning it up. We going to turn it up ’til 2050. We going to party. Never stop partying, man.” (Complex)

Over the summer, rumors of popular Miami strip club King of Diamonds heading to reality television surfaced.

Forget Love & Hip Hop, reality TV is about to get turned up to a ratchet level of a zillion if this show really comes to cable. Supposedly a “major” network has picked up a reality show based on the working of Miami’s infamous King of Diamonds strip club. This is the same spot where Weezy and Rozay love to make it rain on the reg. “This is the story… The story of the money, the girls, the people, the fame and the love. Taking a page from HBO’s hit series CATHOUSE, and FULL THROTTLE, MAKE IT RAIN will be an amalgamation of docu-drama and sexuality, but at the very heart of the piece is a real story. [Owner] Terry managing a thriving business and juggling his other business ventures. At the same time, being a father figure to his employees, giving advice, coaching, paternally guiding some of the girls, making sure that his team of managers (the four horse men) and his self are on the same page, keeping his “A” list celebs clients, music entertainers and athletes happy…and doing all of this as a happily married man with a family of his own!” (Miss Info TV)

Back in 2011, rap star Rick Ross allegedly spent $1 million at King of Diamonds.

Rick Ross knows how to burn money. The ‘B.M.F.’ rapper recently celebrated his 35th birthday in his hometown of Miami, shelling out approximately $1 million for a wild night on the town. The Bawse followed his birthday party at Play nightclub with an after-hours bash at Miami’s famed King of Diamonds strip club, where he was joined by a handful of celebrity friends, including Busta Rhymes, Pharrell Williams and fellow Bugatti Boys member, Diddy. During the course of the night, Ross reportedly spent $1 million at the popular Miami strip club, where Lil Wayne also celebrated his return to the city, after serving jail time in New York. (The Boom Box)

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