Juicy J Spends “One Of Those Nights” W/ Drake’s Favorite Sidekick

Juicy J Spends “One Of Those Nights” W/ Drake’s Favorite Sidekick

Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J has reportedly secured vocals from one of Drake’s closest friends/musicians The Weeknd for an upcoming collaboration titled “One of Those Nights.”

The unexpected buzz comes to light courtesy of its single cover art surfacing.

It looks like Juicy J is on schedule to release his Taylor Gang debut Stay Trippy this year. Juicy has already given us teasers in his collaborations from Big Sean and Young Jeezy to 2 Chainz and Trina. Earlier today, the artwork for Juicy’s track “One of Those Nights” surfaced that features The Weeknd. From the dark purple colorways on the artwork, it should be one to look out for. (XXL Mag)

The duo’s joint effort news comes months after Weekend put out his Trilogy album compilation.

Since Drake ‘s October’s Very Own crew plugged a few Weeknd cuts in a blog post in 2010, Tesfaye has shied away from press, and his mainstream appearances were few and far between: a hook here, a sample there, a handful of live performances. Given how he’s ducked from the spotlight, it’s easy to feel as if we haven’t learned much about him. But Trilogy (out November 13), the reissue of those first three mixtapes, says more than enough. A sinister, seemingly Eyes Wide Shut-inspired swingers club fantasy, Trilogy unravels a broader story of indulgence (House of Balloons), addiction (Thursday) and sobering up (Echoes of Silence) that’s most devastating when swallowed whole. (Idolator)

Music agent Joel Zimmerman recently spoke on the singer’s reluctance to do media interviews.

Zimmerman notes that the Weeknd has already begun recording new material, and that major touring plans will bring him to Europe in the spring, the festival circuit in the summer and even bigger U.S. venues next fall. The artist may even become more accessible in due time. “At some point, he’ll start doing press,” Zimmerman says, “but right now it’s been more about the music and the performance and just evolving as an artist.” (Billboard)

Back in 2011, Drake labeled Weeknd one of the greatest artists he’s ever met.

“Not only did he inspire me to get out there and sing better on stage, he inspired me writing wise, music wise, just to better my product,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s on my album a lot. We really collaborated a lot on this album…He’s one of the greatest artists I’ve ever heard. To hear someone with an incredible body of work is very rare. It’s very inspiring. We formed OVOXO, which is taking over right now. I’m proud of him. He works real hard. He’s just an incredible person, [has] become a really close friend to me.” (The Juice)

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