Juicy J Reveals “The Stupidest Thing” He’s Done In His Life

Juicy J Reveals “The Stupidest Thing” He’s Done In His Life

Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J recently delved into blowing up as a rap star and what luxury item he copped as soon as he got rich back in the 1990’s.

According to Juicy, he dropped cash for a whip instead of a crib back when he turned 21.

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich? Man, I did the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. What was that? I bought a car before I bought a house. A Lexus. I don’t remember what kind. Just a Lexus. How much did it cost? I can’t remember. F*ck. Where was that? In Memphis? Yeah, man. I was riding that motherf*cker through the hood with the windows down. I would never get tint, ’cause I want you to see me. I was like, “N*gga, if I’m going to spend all this money, you got to see me in this b*tch driving slow, with my head hanging out and the music loud as f*ck, speakers distorted.” It was my first piece of money, and I think I was 21 or some sh*t. (Complex)

Juicy said this also went down some time in the 1990’s.

When was that? You trying to figure my age out? [Laughs.] Just asking when it was. It was in the ’90s. I call it the “Rolling ’90s.” It was when the money was rolling in. The economy was good. Oh, the economy was good. Money was beautiful. Money was so good back then, man. (Complex)

Over the summer, Juicy’s “Bands A Make Her Dance” producer Mike Will Made It hit up SOHH to discuss their joint effort.

“I knew [the beat] was extra different. When I really had [it] in mind, I didn’t know who I was going to give it to. I just knew the beat was extra ‘tranced out.’ It wasn’t really like, ‘Oh, okay. This is going to be a strip club banger.’ I knew whatever song that was going to be put to it, it was going to be special because of the cadence of the record, and how the joint sounded. I went through four or five different snares, and I ended up picking up the snare that I did. I just wanted to go for the cheesiest, big sounding snare that nobody would use in a regular beat. When I gave it to Juicy J– and then when we added the claps into the beat– I really loved it. I knew it would be a classic Juicy J record, but I didn’t think he was going to turn it into a club record like he did. As soon as I heard the song, sh*t, I knew what it was.” (SOHH Singled Out)

Last year, the Memphis rapper detailed his new label situation with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang.

“We been talking about it and it just went down,” Juicy tells xxlmag.com. “They like brothers to me. It’s a blessing. I’ve been doing this over twenty years [and for] people to still recognize my music and appreciate my music, it’s a blessing.” Juicy J says that both he and Wiz are already hard at work. “Wiz got a new album coming out next year,” he shares. “It’s crazy. He’s got over 40 songs done. He’s still recording. And he’s got a compilation album he’s gonna put out featuring all of his artists.” According to the Memphis native, as of now, those other artists are Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe, Neako and possibly others. (XXL Mag)

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