Juicy J Dishes Out How Many Tracks Didn’t Make “Stay Trippy” [Video]

Juicy J Dishes Out How Many Tracks Didn’t Make “Stay Trippy” [Video]

Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J recently talked about his new Stay Trippy album and the possibility of making a follow-up to it based on the surplus of tracks which didn’t make the final cut.

According to Juicy, he has enough tracks to keep fans trippy through the holiday season.

“I got so many songs that didn’t get a chance to make it to the album,” Juicy revealed in an interview. “It just depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling anthem-driven, then ‘Boom!’ I’m make anthems. Or if I’m feeling like chill, then I’ll make something chill. Me, Wiz [Khalifa] and Dr. Luke [decided what made the album]. [How many songs did I make?] To be real, it could have been 80 songs, maybe, or more because I kept recording. I never stopped. Even when I said the album’s done, I was still knocking out two, three songs every other day. [Stay Trippy Part 2?] I don’t know. That’s a good idea. Yeah, I never thought about it like that but, [maybe] something for Christmas. That might work. [laughs]” (“Sway’s Universe”)

The rapper recently spoke on the LP’s delay and acknowledged the importance of selling albums.

“I wanted to make sure the album was dope and gave fans what they wanted,” Juicy said referring to the LP’s delay. “I just didn’t want to rush it, I’ve been doing this for a minute, feel me? … [Album sales?] I do care. But I don’t know, nobody ever really knows, man. Of course I’m an artist and I’ve been doing this for years, I always care about my album sales. D*mn right.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

The Juice Man also addressed an upcoming Three 6 Mafia semi-reunion album going down.

“That’s just something they’re doing. It’s not the whole original group,” Juicy added. “I’m one of the founders of the group so I would definitely have to be [involved] if it was definitely a real group thing. But it’s just something they’re doing on the side. I don’t blame them. I’m all for it, big ups to them. … I’m one of the original members, that would mean it’s a Three 6 Mafia album. But more power to them, though. I would love to [do a Three 6 Mafia album]. Hopefully in the future, it gets more cash. Why not?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Based on one-day estimates last week, Juicy J’s Stay Trippy is destined for a Top 10 debut.

YOUR NEW RELEASES: Avenged Sevenfold will score their second #1 album and likely best their previous bow of 162.5k (for 2010’s Nightmare). Here are this week’s key debuts: Avenged Sevenfold (Warner Bros.) 170-180k Big Sean (Def Jam/IDJ) 75-85k Juicy J (Columbia) 60-65k Various: Alabama & Friends (Show Dog) 24-27k Bob Dylan (Columbia) 15-17k (HITS Daily Double)

Check out Juicy J’s interview:

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