Juelz Santana’s NYC B-Day Fight Footage Leaks Online [Video]

Juelz Santana’s NYC B-Day Fight Footage Leaks Online [Video]

Footage from rapper Juelz Santana‘s 27th birthday party celebration fight has leaked online and shows a brief physical altercation.

According to reports, the Monday (February 22) night New York event also featured attending artists like Ashanti and Snoop Dogg.

Rapper Juelz Santana’s 27th birthday party turned into a battle royale Monday night when a club goer hopped the divider into the VIP area — and got the living crap beat out of him while the rapper watched. It’s unclear exactly what started the brawl — but the guy wearing the Rev Run hat definitely did something to piss off the mob waiting in the VIP section at M2 Ultralounge in New York. After a failed attempt to defuse the situation, several men began wailing on the Rev Run-alike until he was on the ground. Somehow, the man emerged from the chaos and was able to leave the club. Rapper Maino can be seen in the melee, but is never actually seen throwing a punch. (TMZ)

While not speaking on the fight, Juelz revealed his post-celebration reactions via Twitter.

“RT @ctega @thejuelzsantana. b day happy b day. boy….. A! Thank you!!,” he wrote Tuesday afternoon. “RT @prettyce s/o to @thejuelzsantana for havin m2 rockin lastnite.. A! Another Shout to @mainohustlehard @jimjonescapo@djwebstar for coming out to the party! A! Owww last night the MOVIE was MADE. Once again I had a Blast Thanks for Comin out. NYC stand up A! A! Big Birthday day Shout to My N*gga and photographer @NICKHAZE!” (Juelz Santana’s Twitter)

Aside from the incident, Santana recently spoke on aiming to drop his Reagan Era mixtape on Valentine’s Day.

“I know the label got a job, but sometimes the artists think the label’s gotta do everything,” Santana told DJ Kay Slay. “Like sometimes, the label thinks the artists gotta do everything so you know like I say, I come from that groundwork, doing the mixtapes, getting our exposure and the Internet wasn’t even half as big as it is today to where I can do the free promotion, videos. So now it’s even funnier for me to lay the groundwork because you’ll be in the studio, freestyles, shoot videos, put em out and the whole world sees them the next day so I’m in six gears, I tell n*ggas. I’m only in second — I’m just gearing up to get people used to seeing Juelz Santana just in case they forgot…I just switched over to second, the release of the [Lil] Wayne song and my mixtape will be out the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. I’m giving y’all that because I love y’all so much. All free. It’s all about getting them to come back used to me, I got a plan.” (Best of Both Offices)

Santana recently spoke with SOHH about his Born To Lose, Built To Win album release.

Born To Lose, Built To Win, that’s the name of my new album and I’m used to getting nothing and turning it into something,” Santana explained. “It ain’t no Def Jam delay, it ain’t no delay, I’m just waiting day-to-day, watching the game and paying attention. I ain’t wanna rush an album, I wanna keep it relevant, keep all the pieces right there. I’m just strategically doing things and I don’t want to just ‘drop’ an album. In this day and age, it feels like you gotta give people more so I want them to want for Juelz Santana to over succeed and oversee everything else, I really need to be there. They know when you’re dropping a record from the videos and songs, so they want more than that. I’m still putting out my mixtape, Reagan Era, and I’m probably gonna put out another mixtape before my album. I’m still gonna takeover, make these records for the radio, might not all be on my album, I still got a little time before my album drops so I’m gonna just heat the streets up, I’m gonna get all up in n*ggas’ faces, just doing a lot of records, doing a lot of things, staying relevant.” (SOHH)

Check out footage from the fight below:

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