Juelz Santana’s “Born To Lose, Built To Win” Dropping This Year, Says Sha Money XL

Juelz Santana’s “Born To Lose, Built To Win” Dropping This Year, Says Sha Money XL

As the anticipation for Juelz Santana‘s Born To Lose, Built To Win continues to build, SOHH reached out to Def Jam VP of A&R Sha Money XL to find out when fans could get their hands on the new album.

In addition to making sure the album hits store shelves, Sha said he will also be contributing on the production side.

“He’s touring and getting money,” Sha told SOHH. “He’s getting his money so he’s comfortable, he’s just creating the right music because he’s that next n*gga man. So he’s coming with it. It’s coming this year, we gonna drop this mixtape, The Reagan Era, he’s shooting some crazy videos — they on it right now, heavy, and I support them because he’s that next n*gga. I’ve contributed from records all the way down, man. He gets everything man, from the music to the marketing to the big picture, man. We gotta create stars, I don’t just leave them at the A&R Depot saying, ‘I’m done.’ I take it all the way there. It starts with the music and you know that’s what I do. That’s just one of the things that I’m great at, is the music.” (SOHH)

Last March, Juelz talked about putting together his Reagan Era underground project.

“We got another record for the mixtape,” Juelz explained of how he and Banks plan to follow up their current smash. “That record’s actually got me, Fabolous, Jadakiss and [Lloyd] Banks on it. … We took the Estelle sample from ‘American Boy’ that goes ‘Take me to New York’ and kept repeating that. I sent it to everybody that I felt [could kill it], which was me, Fab, Banks and Jada. But me and Banks gonna have to do another one together with just me and him. That record is crazy. That Reagan Era is gonna be a problem — that’s why I been taking my time strategically building up. I think now is a better time. Every day I’m drawing more attention to myself.” (MTV)

Santana previously spoke with SOHH about his Born To Lose, Built To Win album release.

Born To Lose, Built To Win, that’s the name of my new album and I’m used to getting nothing and turning it into something,” Santana explained. “It ain’t no Def Jam delay, it ain’t no delay, I’m just waiting day-to-day, watching the game and paying attention. I ain’t wanna rush an album, I wanna keep it relevant, keep all the pieces right there. I’m just strategically doing things and I don’t want to just ‘drop’ an album. In this day and age, it feels like you gotta give people more so I want them to want for Juelz Santana to over succeed and oversee everything else, I really need to be there.” (SOHH)

Juelz also talked about the importance of rappers stepping up their marketing skills last year.

“I’ve just been paying attention to the game, watching the changes, watching the things that are going on,” Santana explained in an interview. “The Internet, I think is a beautiful thing. But like I tell people, life is a negative and a positive in itself and everything has a negative and a positive so just as much as we get to use it for free promotion — sometimes it comes out negative, ya dig, but you got to take everything as it comes.” (“The Round Table Show”)

Check out a past Juelz Santana SOHH interview below:

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