Juelz Santana Thanks Killa For His Scrilla: “Cam Brought Me To The Water” [Video]

Juelz Santana Thanks Killa For His Scrilla: “Cam Brought Me To The Water” [Video]

Dipset’s Juelz Santana recently updated fans on his relationship with Cam’ron and said despite being out of his contract to the Diplomat leader, he will always salute him for sparking his career.

Santana said loyalty ultimately helped him soar under Cam’s wing during the early Dipset days.

“I’ve been out of my deal with Cam for about two years now,” Juelz revealed in an interview. “Everything’s cool. One thing I respect is Cam brought me to the water, you know? A lot of things ain’t transpire but at the end of the day, I come from nothin’. I’m gonna get it. Just him giving me that — I’ve got to so grateful for that. Things could have went better in other areas just as far as like, because I was so loyal. That was my whole thing, ah man, I would have, end of the world with me. … You would have loved to have me. If I would have sold 20 million records, you’re still my boss. Some people lose their cool — I was always a role player. If I was going to be a boss, I was going to be a boss of my own crew. Cam was the boss of Diplomats. That’s how it was.” (VLAD TV)

Back in early 2009, Cam’ron spoke to SOHH about Juelz’s contract.

“As far as I’m concerned I never did Juelz wrong. I made sure he seen any contract we signed. He didn’t do a deal ’til he was over 18. I can’t do you wrong if you’re an adult. … I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. I wish he’d be more specific but, no, in my opinion, I didn’t do him wrong. I didn’t jerk him around. If he’d give me a topic or an idea of what he’s talking about maybe I could answer the question a little more clearly but he’s just saying I did him wrong. I don’t know what he’s talking about.” (SOHH)

Santana previously claimed he got the raw end of his Dipset legal agreement.

“It was a bad deal. He owned so much of my sh*t and everything, he just, practically, owned more than what I owned, and it got to a point where I just wanted to get the situation right. I didn’t want nothing back. And it’s like he wasn’t trying to get it right. He wasn’t trying to give me what I felt like I was owed.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, the Skull Gang leader largerly blamed himself for delaying Diplomat reunion efforts.

“Shout-out to Jim, shout-out to Cam. I’m not going to even lie, at the time, when we put out the ‘Salute’ record, it was still at the time where I wasn’t doing a lot of music, just, period. I wasn’t back in the zone that I needed to be in, musically. Honestly. It’s not even about that project. I had the same way like I took a break from everything. … I wasn’t really in my mojo to just sit down and just complete a Dipset project. We up with my manFlex, this is a new year. In order to get it right, we’ve got to make it all the way right. You dig what I’m saying? That’s why I’m saying it is possible, because I know Cam is willing to do, I’m sure Jim is willing to do it. I’ve always been willing to do it, it’s just about me getting my music mojo back.” (“Funkmaster Flex”)

Check out Juelz Santana’s interview:

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