Juelz Santana Shelves ‘Born To Lose, Built To Win': “I Ain’t Got No Date” [Audio]

Juelz Santana Shelves ‘Born To Lose, Built To Win': “I Ain’t Got No Date” [Audio]

Dipset fans hoping to get their hands on Juelz Santana‘s long-awaited Born To Lose, Built To Win solo album will have to wait a bit longer than expected according to the Diplomat.

According to Juelz, his focus is on putting out free music and dropping his third solo effort toward the end of this year.

Born To Lose, Built To Win, that’s what everything is pretty much gearing up to,” Juelz said in an interview. “Just pay attention, I told you, this is that free pay-per-view. [It’ll come out] probably fourth quarter. I ain’t got no date, definitely no date but you’ll start hearing music soon. I been working for a minute. I ain’t gonna say [I’ve been] out of commission, but I ain’t been doing what I’ve supposed to been doing for a little minute. So I’m just doing a little making up right now.” (Power 99)

Earlier this year, Santana emphasized his aim to drop the LP in 2013.

“It’s a certain result you want to get from putting out an album, you dig what I’m saying?,” Santana added. “I feel like getting with [Lil] Wayne, us together, we can get the results that I need to capture and I want to capture from putting out this Born to Lose, Built to Win album. I’m not just gonna send him records and ask him what he thinks and he’s not just gonna send me records and I just do the records that he likes. It’s not going to be that. It’s going to be a collective, us figuring out what’s the best way to be successful, have a great product that the people appreciate and like more than anything — and get the results. Definitely this year, 2013. If not, then you’ll just hear a lot of music from Juelz. It’s just going to be non-stop from Juelz. This is like the platform to keep this ball rolling.” (Real Talk NY)

In early December, Santana broke the news of rap star Lil Wayne’s involvement on his long-awaited album.

“I went out to Miami to chop it up with Wayne. I actually asked him to executive produce my album, Born to Lose,” Santana revealed Wednesday (December 5) when he sat on the red couch with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway. It’s been seven years since the Dipset lyricist released his last solo album, What the Game’s Been Missing!, in 2005, and while Juelz makes no excuse for the long gap, he is ready to return to rap in a big way. First, Santana will drop two volumes of his upcoming mixtape series, God Willin’, the first of which he plans to release in January. After that, it’s album time, and working in tandem with Weezy has Juelz super excited. (MTV)

The New York-based Diplomat previously told SOHH he would not rush out the project.

Born to Lose, Built to Win, that’s the name of my new album and I’m used to getting nothing and turning it into something,” Santana explained. “It ain’t no Def Jam delay, it ain’t no delay, I’m just waiting day-to-day, watching the game and paying attention. I ain’t wanna rush an album, I wanna keep it relevant, keep all the pieces right there. I’m just strategically doing things and I don’t want to just ‘drop’ an album. In this day and age, it feels like you gotta give people more so I want them to want for Juelz Santana to over succeed and oversee everything else, I really need to be there.” (SOHH)

Check out Juelz Santana’s interview:

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