Juelz Santana Says Shyne Has To Get “Right” W/ Freekey Zeeky [Audio]

Juelz Santana Says Shyne Has To Get “Right” W/ Freekey Zeeky [Audio]

With Shyne finally being released from prison and deported to Belize last month, SOHH spoke with Dipset‘s Juelz Santana to get his reaction to the emcee’s rap game return.

While not being specific, Santana said both Shyne and Dipset’s Freekey Zeeky had issues to iron out.

“Shyne, Shyne, they say he’s coming home,” Santana said. “I mean, I f*ck with Shyne, hopefully he got some good music to bring to the table. If we can link up, we can link up. I don’t know, him and my man [Freekey] Zeek gotta get right though, I heard him and my man Zeek wasn’t right, that’s the homie right there, Zeek. You know what I mean? But other than that, I f*ck with the boy. I shouted him out on my records.” (SOHH)

Fellow New York rap legend Rakim also told SOHH about what he thought about Shyne getting released.

“Nah, I think that’s like [NFL star] Mike Vick, you know, he ain’t gonna be able to leave [rap] alone,” Rakim said about Shyne’s return. “And then at the same time, he left so abruptly, you know he got a whole lot to say. The world wanna hear what he’s got to say. So I think he should definitely get back on his grind man and do what he gotta do and you know, good luck brother. Hold your head and everything. Come home and enjoy it my brother, word up.” (SOHH)

Upon his arrival in Belize last week, Shyne’s father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, spoke on his son’s well-being.

“When I saw him yesterday I really was stunned,” Barrow said in an interview. “You don’t go to jail for that period of time without it obviously exacting a huge toll on you but I really was shocked to see what it had physically done to him and clearly it will take some time for him to be able to recover from that experience. Not having gone through it myself, I don’t know whether anyone is ever able to recover. But it was wonderful to see that he is free at last and good to have him in Belize. Although he appeared physically frail, it was obvious that he is mentally as strong as ever and certainly kept talking to me about what his presence here at home could mean for this country, what opportunities he could cause us to be able to, he could create for us.” (7 News Belize)

A detailed account of his arrival into Belize landed online in late October.

Shyne, the son of Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was greeted by his father, uncle Michael Finnigan, who is also the island`s Minister of Housing, his mother Imeon Myvett, his brother Anwar, other relatives, several curious Belizeans, and the press corps upon his arrival late Wednesday. Moses Michael Levy, a name he adopted in prison after he changed his religion from Christianity to Judaism, then journeyed to the Princess Royal Youth Hostel where he spend more than an hour chatting with delinquent youth who live there. (Carribean World News)

Check out Juelz Santana talking with SOHH about Shyne below:

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