Juelz Santana Preps Skull Gang’s “Introduction” Album, “Everybody Got They Own Story”

Juelz Santana Preps Skull Gang’s “Introduction” Album, “Everybody Got They Own Story”

Skull Gang leader Juelz Santana recently discussed the motivation behind his rap group along with announcing the release date for their debut album The Introduction.

The Harlem-bred emcee will drop his crew’s new project next month.

Dipset for life, right now I’m about to bring you my new movement though,” Santana said in a video. “May 5th. Skull Gang. Album will be in stores. Make sure you check it out…I just brought together talented artists, people that I felt like were the future of music. People I knew could go into the studio and create, make a song by themselves whether I was there or not there, they wouldn’t have to be brought a big record with somebody on the hook. They all can make songs just as much as they can sit here and rap…Everybody got they own story, they own book they about to write in this game.” (YouTube)

Santana previously spoke with SOHH about Skull Gang’s music-making skills as seen on their Takeover mixtape.

“Our mixtape is like an album,” he said. “We did over like 750,000 downloads the first week. So I want to thank everybody who been supporting us. As far as music it’s a hostile takeover,” he said. “I’m putting up videos. I’m doing a video for every song on the mixtape. Even songs that we just playing with we just shooting videos for. We just doing it man; giving people what they need. (SOHH)

He has also stressed the versatility found throughout Skull Gang.

“Everybody’s different,” Santana said in an interview. “Everybody’s from a different area. Definitely with the Diplomats, we was all from Harlem, I knew I couldn’t copy that. I couldn’t copy it and I didn’t try. Skull Gang is, for one, we got a singer. in Dipset we never had a singer…I got my man Depp, he’s from Queens. Kasa‘s from Harlem but he’s been here since day one. I got my man Rabb, he’s from VA. He’s from the South.” (FMAN NYC)

Aside from Skull Gang, Juelz previously spoke on reuniting with Dipset leader Cam’ron.

“I’m with whatever man,” he said regarding a reunion with Dipset leader Cam’ron. “I’m good. I can do me now so it ain’t like if we was to do an album together, I can handle my business the way I wanna handle my business so I’m cool with anything. Ya dig? He ain’t physically harm me, he ain’t do nothing to me in that sense. Now I’m out, I’m free, I ain’t got time to dwell on that bullsh*t.” (SmackTube)

Peep Juelz & Skull Gang below:

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