Juelz Santana On Rocking The Mic W/ Lloyd Banks, “We Was Both Spitting”

Juelz Santana On Rocking The Mic W/ Lloyd Banks, “We Was Both Spitting”

Dipset‘s Juelz Santana recently discussed sharing the microphone with G-Unit‘s Lloyd Banks on their smash hit “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” and why not all collaborations are necessarily good ones.

According to Santana, “Beamer” is his first joint record with the “Punch Line King.”

“I knew what that song was gonna be when we did the record,” Juelz said about his duet with Banks. “The beat is so unique, then you got two artists that’s never done a record before. And it’s a record that people would like to hear. It’s a ‘hood record and we was both spitting on there — you rarely get that anymore, especially with two artists like me and Banks. A lot of time people teaming up and they just making records because the names sound good. But the records don’t sound good because they either rushed or n—as just getting up just to get up. You know how they say when two artists get together and make a song how it is supposed to be? It completes everything we do. It’s radio, but it’s still hard. ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley,’ that’s still ‘hood rich. It captures the essence that people would have liked for it to have with me and Banks on the same record.” (MTV)

The duo’s music video premiered earlier this week and featured a guest spot from rapper Beanie Sigel.

Finally! The video premiered today on MTV Jams. Glad to see Lloyd Banks back in the spotlight with a smash hit. If you look close enough (or even care), you’ll catch Beanie Sigel making a cameo in the video, looking like an oprhan who needs a home. (Karen Civil)

Banks recently compared his “Beamer” record to the Lost Boyz‘s 1990’s classic “Jeeps, Lex Copes, Bimas and Benz.”

“‘Lex Coupe, Bimas and Benz,’ that’s something I thought about after,” he explained. “‘Cause I asked somebody, ‘when was the last record that was like that?’ Then you hear like ‘Chevy Ridin’ High.’ It was always old-school records. So ‘Lex Coupe’… that was probably like the last one.” “It’s crazy cause we grew up in the same neighborhood,” he said of the group. “Rest in Peace to [Freaky] Tah, I actually went to school with his brother.” (XXL Mag)

Slim Thug and Fabolous are reportedly going to be on the song’s remix.

“We did a remix to ‘Beamer, Benz or Bentley,” Fab said in an interview. “Yeah, they had reached out to me, I think I hadTwittered it or something so somebody had reached out to me like ‘Yo, we would love to have you on the remix,’ and I was like yeah that would be dope. Actually I worked with Banks before, I don’t think it ever came out though, like something for his first project, I’ve been trying to dig up that song, [DJ] Clue been trying to dig it up as well, he’s got his shovel. I guess it’s in the G-Unit fort.” (This Is 50)

Check out the “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” music video below:

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