Juelz Santana On Remy Ma’s Jail Jam, “She’s Stronger Than A Lot Of N*ggas Out There” [Video]

Juelz Santana On Remy Ma’s Jail Jam, “She’s Stronger Than A Lot Of N*ggas Out There” [Video]

Dipset’s Juelz Santana recently weighed in on Remy Ma‘s time behind bars and how the ex-Terror Squad member is keeping her head up while serving an eight-year jail bid.

Vouching for Remy’s release, Santana spoke on the rapper’s strong state of mind.

“Free Remy,” Juelz said in an interview with renowned radio personality Steph Lova. “It’s an unfortunate situation. They trying to put me in a similar situation, God forbid. But you know, Remy’ll be home soon. She’s strong, strong. She’s stronger than a lot of n*ggas out there. So I know she’s holding her her, I know she’s good.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier in the week, Remy had an appeal rejected in a New York courtroom.

New York’s top court has upheld the conviction of rapper Remy Ma in the shooting of a friend in 2007. In a ruling Thursday, the Court of Appeals rejected arguments that a judge didn’t properly inform jurors before they rendered a guilty verdict. The rapper’s real name is Remy Smith. She’s serving eight years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of assault stemming from the struggle in which a friend was shot. Smith had accused the friend of stealing $3,000 from her pocketbook. (My Fox News)

Following the rejection, Remy’s husband/rapper Papoose addressed what went down.

“She wasn’t happy about it, but she understands the situation that she’s in,” he told XXL. “Mentally she’s free, her mind is right. She’s a strong person [and] she’s got strong family around her so she gonna be alright. We just gotta continue to fight.” The DJ Kay Slay protege said in order for the verdict in the case to be reversed four out of seven judges had to rule in her favor. Two did, including the chief judge. “That’s definitely a good sign that somebody is definitely seeing the truth of what’ really going on here, which is the fact that she’s innocent,” he said. (XXL Mag)

Juelz Santana recently had a run-in with the law after being arrested on weapons and drug possession charges.

“I’m a free man out on bail,” Santana told radio host Angie Martinez on February 3rd. “I’m just doing my regular thing, I’m still me. It’s just an unfortunate situation, got caught up…They raided my studio, said things was going on. The charges was just kind of crazy…For one, I wasn’t even in my studio when they raided. They raided my studio, they found whatever they want to say they found, and they just put a bunch of charges on me…They had a warrant out for my arrest since last week. I had just turned myself in and I was supposed to be out right there — but once I get in there, they’re like, ‘Oh, the computers is down because of the ice storms and all that.’ I’m like, ‘Wow.’ … I’m definitely going to be fighting this, because like I said, they didn’t catch me with nothing. My studio is a place where a bunch of people come in and out. They put me out as selling dime bags of weed. That’s a joke! … I wasn’t even there. Never in the case of history would you find Juelz selling no dime bags of marijuana.” (Hot 97)

Check out Juelz Santana’s interview below:

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