Juelz Santana On “Born To Lose, Built To Win” LP, “You Gotta Give People More”

Juelz Santana On “Born To Lose, Built To Win” LP, “You Gotta Give People More”

Dipset‘s Juelz Santana recently spoke with SOHH about the anticipation behind his Born To Lose, Built To Win album and why he has not rushed its release.

Despite the album being talked about for nearly a year, Santana said his main focus was on continuing to build up his buzz.

Born To Lose, Built To Die, that’s the name of my new album and I’m used to getting nothing and turning it into something,” Santana explained. “It ain’t no Def Jam delay, it ain’t no delay, I’m just waiting day-to-day, watching the game and paying attention. I ain’t wanna rush an album, I wanna keep it relevant, keep all the pieces right there. I’m just strategically doing things and I don’t want to just ‘drop’ an album. In this day and age, it feels like you gotta give people more so I want them to want for Juelz Santana to over succeed and oversee everything else, I really need to be there. They know when you’re dropping a record from the videos and songs, so they want more than that. I’m still putting out my mixtape, Reagan Era, and I’m probably gonna put out another mixtape before my album. I’m still gonna takeover, make these records for the radio, might not all be on my album, I still got a little time before my album drops so I’m gonna just heat the streets up, I’m gonna get all up in n*ggas’ faces, just doing a lot of records, doing a lot of things, staying relevant.” (SOHH)

Juelz recently spoke on the importance of rappers stepping up their marketing skills.

“I’ve just been paying attention to the game, watching the changes, watching the things that are going on,” Santana explained in an interview. “The Internet, I think is a beautiful thing. But like I tell people, life is a negative and a positive in itself and everything has a negative and a positive so just as much as we get to use it for free promotion — sometimes it comes out negative, ya dig, but you got to take everything as it comes. I definitely feel the believing is not there no more, it definitely turned into a single game. People not really putting the work ethic in. It’s like a lot of people want the first week results of a million records but it takes a lot to get that and it’s not just dropping one single, you got to beat these people up for a minute, you gotta show ‘em who you are. You know, show ‘em that energy, they wanna feel you as a person.” (“The Round Table Show”)

He also discussed various music projects he had on deck last summer.

The Reagan Era, the long-awaited, a lot of people have been looking for that solo mixtape,” Santana said on “106th & Park.” “I’ma do a video for every song on my mixtape. I’m just gearing up for my album which is titled Born To Lose, Built To Win. It’s on Def Jam Records. It’s gonna be classical, monumental, so right now I’m getting the ball rolling. I don’t believe in just dropping one record and the fans, even though they know me and they know who I am, I’ve been away for a little while so I need them to get used to me again, know what I’m doing, ya dig what I’m saying? So we’re gettin’ the ball rolling, we’re rocking and rolling, just featured on Lloyd‘s first single. About to go work with someone else in L.A., don’t know if I can spill the beans on that. A big Def Jam artist, so, Born To Win, Built To Lose is the album, we still don’t got a date yet.” (“106th & Park”)

Juelz previously talked about his collaboration project with Lil Wayne earlier this year.

“The sh*t with me and Weezy, bottom line is we still got records done, a bunch of records,” Santana explained in an interview. “We did a lot of records, a lot of politics and bullsh*t promotin’ the album, promotin’ the album. His album came out and he wound up going through the roof with everything so it’s still a lot of politics. Couple records got leaked a few weeks ago, that just goes to show people we been had records already, those were like a year and a half old. We got about 25 records just sitting in the computer. Hopefully, we can put the album out the right way through a major label but if not, f*ck it, we gonna give the streets what they want. The music is done. So they gonna get it one way or another because it’s not like we gotta go in the studio and record.” (Forbez DVD)

A release date for Born To Lose, Built To Win has not yet been released.

Check out a recent Juelz Santana interview below:

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