Juelz Santana Breaks Silence On Police Raid

Juelz Santana Breaks Silence On Police Raid

Dipset’s Juelz Santana has spoken out on having his New Jersey studio raided by police last weekend, which ultimately forced him to nix a scheduled Chicago performance.

Santana felt blindsided by the raid and apologized to his fans for his missed appearance.

“Chi-Town, what’s popping, I definitely want to truly apologize,” Santana told listeners in an interview with radio personalities the Hot Boyz. “There’s some legal issues, I know it’s been all over the Internet. Police ran up in my studio. I had to deal with that, for a couple days, just turning myself in. Doing a couple of things. I managed to miss the show in Chicago but Chi-Town, y’all already know I love y’all man. I’m gonna make it up some how some way. That’s like a second home to me. I was definitely highly upset I didn’t even get to come out there and do the d*mn thing. You know we f*ck with the Chi. Pardon me.” (Power 92)

Although unsure of his future, Santana is remaining positive.

“They always picking on me,” Juelz added. “That’s the best way I can put it. But you know, by the graces of God, everything should be okay. I wasn’t really caught with anything in my possession. It’s just they said they found some things in the studio which I have no idea about so we’ll see how everything fans out.” (Power 92)

Santana’s Skull Gang rap member Hynief was reportedly arrested on multiple drug and weapon-related charges during the bust.

A borough man is facing marijuana distribution charges after authorities said they found 17 plastic bags of suspected drugs in his possession in a Washington Avenue recording studio, authorities said Friday. Toby M. Raynor, 24, was arrested at the studio on Thursday, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said. Raynor allegedly sold marijuana to undercover detectives from the gang division of the Prosecutor’s Office on two occasions in June and July, Molinelli said. On Thursday, detectives executed a search warrant at the recording studio, known as Santana, on Washington Avenue. Along with suspected marijuana, authorities found two fully loaded 9mm handguns and several boxes of ammunition, Molinelli said. (North Jersey News)

Following the incident, Santana hit up Twitter to briefly speak on what went down.

“A! If it ant 1 thing it’s another smh sorry to all the people in chi-town that came out last night I couldn’t make It!! Trouble wit the law,” Santana tweeted Saturday (January 22).

“A! @HYNIEFSKULLGANG bailed out#whoooaaaaa” (Juelz Santana’s Twitter)

Check out some recent Juelz Santana footage down below:

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