Juelz Santana Backs Jeezy’s Def Jam Disses: “It’s Like Being In Bed W/ A Bad B***h But [Can’t] F**k Her”

Juelz Santana Backs Jeezy’s Def Jam Disses: “It’s Like Being In Bed W/ A Bad B***h But [Can’t] F**k Her”

Dipset’s Juelz Santana is feeling the same frustrations fellow Def Jam labelmate Jeezy is going through after unleashing a public rant against their record company last week.

Juelz posted a screenshot of Jeezy’s anti-Def Jam comments onto his Instagram page this week and added his own two cents.

“???????? SMH #SadButTrue it’s like being In Bed Wit A Bad Bi$$h But Can F*k her ????????#!! GodWillN2 #OnTheWay ?????????,” Juelz wrote November 19. (Juelz Santana’s Instagram)

Juelz also posted up a few Twitter remarks to fully back Jeezy.

“RT @YoungJeezy: N*ggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want! >> dam I Thought it was Jus Me Smh!!,” Santana tweeted November 19.

“RT @YoungJeezy: where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart >> Word!!!” (Juelz Santana’s Twitter)

In a brief Twitter rant, the “Snowman” threatened to leak his own project if Def Jam did not get it together.

“where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart,” Jeezy tweeted November 12.

“I been perfecting this album 2 years for #myfans”

“N*ggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want!”

“If Def Jam don’t get this right y’all got an early xmas gift #myfans”

“This about that fans! That’s all!”

“Lucian and Barry boss up”

“or my fans gonna get an early xmas gift beeleedat #SNOWMAN” (Jeezy’s Twitter)

Former Def Jam executive L.A. Reid appeared to acknowledge Jeezy’s comments.

“@YoungJeezy #BeEpic,” Reid tweeted November 12. (L.A. Reid’s Twitter)

Back in April, Juelz spoke on putting out free music and dropping his third solo effort toward the end of this year.

Born To Lose, Built To Win, that’s what everything is pretty much gearing up to,” Juelz said in an interview. “Just pay attention, I told you, this is that free pay-per-view. [It’ll come out] probably fourth quarter. I ain’t got no date, definitely no date but you’ll start hearing music soon. I been working for a minute. I ain’t gonna say [I’ve been] out of commission, but I ain’t been doing what I’ve supposed to been doing for a little minute. So I’m just doing a little making up right now.” (Power 99)

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