Judge In C-Murder Case Accused Of Bias, Refuses To Remove Himself From Trial

Judge In C-Murder Case Accused Of Bias, Refuses To Remove Himself From Trial

The state judge handling CoreyC-MurderMiller‘s second-degree murder trial has refused to remove himself from the case despite accusations of bias.

Miller asked for a new judge earlier this week.

Miller’s attorney Ron Rakosky filed papers in court Tuesday seeking Judge Liljeberg‘s recusal, saying that for “unknown reasons,” the judge has shown he is “biased and prejudiced” and as such could not conduct a fair and impartial trial. Not so, Liljeberg said in his written order Wednesday. He has refused to recuse himself. (Associated Press)

The rapper is awaiting retrial on a fatal shooting murder charge from January 2002.

Miller, 37, was convicted in 2003, but former Judge Martha Sassone granted him a new trial after she found that prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three witnesses from the defense. The state Supreme Court sided with Sassone in 2006, and she then set a $500,000 bond for Miller and ordered him into house arrest. (The Times-Picayune)

His attorney’s request to remove Lijeberg will go to Judge Steve Windhorst who has set a hearing for February 4.

The rapper played a key role  in No Limit Records’ success in the late 90’s.

C-Murder is the younger brother of Master P, the founder and president of No Limit Records. That explains his membership in the No Limit family, the label where nepotism rules, but he’s actually one of the stronger rappers on the label. He may stick to the predictable gangsta musical blueprint, but as a rapper, he had an original style and interesting wordplay that separated him from the No Limit pack. (All Music)

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