Joey Bada$$ Drops Lil B Beef Record: “You Pink Flame, Lame, Publicity Stunts For The Fame A** N*gga” [Audio]

Joey Bada$$ Drops Lil B Beef Record: “You Pink Flame, Lame, Publicity Stunts For The Fame A** N*gga” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has decided to turn his issues with Lil B up a notch by dropping a new diss record called “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job” in retaliation to his “I’m The Bada$$” track.

On the record, Joey shows no mercy and unleashes his fury on the Bay Area rapper.

“I got an issue with this little b*tch shiatsu/I’m a pitbull/The lyrical missiles that won’t miss you/Rip open your tissue make your task force miss you/And it make no sense to diss you, so I diss you/Nothing but food you little b*tch/I drop nines like cat fish sticks/And shrimp like you and steak too/No b*tch ever gonna get pimp like you, hit you with the cane till you sick in the brain/Ya think drilling your brain/You pink flame a** n*gga/Lame a** n*gga/Publicity stunts for the fame a** n*gga/Bada$$ not lying but you gotta tame that n*gga.” (“Don’t Quit Ya Day Job”)

The track is a direct response to Lil B’s “I’m The Bada$$” diss track which dropped yesterday (January 29).

“These n*ggas think they’re bad a**es now, huh? [laughs] … Can’t f*ck with me, these n*ggas know my history / I can make your life into a motherf*ckin’ mystery / N*ggas wonder why they don’t make it when they against me / 40 gonna come like my son walking 6th Street / Shouts out to them b*tch n*ggas, saying that they miss me / I’m trying to see checks like a test in history / But I’m not a h*e (Never) / Know the code (Feel me?) / I’ma take control, I will never fold/ Put me in the jungle with those lions and those wolves/ I’ma get by and survive like I should…” (“I’m The Bada$$”)

Initially, Joey said he would fall back on dropping a response track.

“A lil offended that he didnt go harder than that..”

“Im about to blaze to this sh*t, cant believe the basedgod dedicated his appreciation for me on a song! So amped”

“Im getting hella followers!!!”

“If i was to diss this n*gga im gettin DMX on the hook, game on the adlibs, joe budden verse 2 and the n*gga who knocked him out to record it” (Joey Bada$$’ Twitter)

According to reports, the sparring took place well before this week’s diss records.

Given the shots taken at Lil B on Joey Bada$$’ 1999 mixtape, it was only a matter of time before the Based God responded. And today, he does just that with “I’m the Bada$$,” which is an all-out diss directed at Joey. Tempers flared between the two on Twitter yesterday when Joey quoted the late Capital STEEZ‘s “Survival Tactics” line, “Tell Lil B don’t quit your day job.” Almost immediately after Lil B dropped the song, which can be heard below, the two again sparred on Twitter. We have to wonder if Joey is going to reply with a diss song of his own. (Complex)

Check out “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job”:

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