Joey Bada$$ Drops ‘Killuminati’ Kendrick Lamar Response: “The King Of NY? Ha!” [Audio]

Joey Bada$$ Drops ‘Killuminati’ Kendrick Lamar Response: “The King Of NY? Ha!” [Audio]

Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has finally taken charge and released his new “Killuminati Part 2″ track in response to Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” bars.

On the track, Joey points out Lamar’s reference to being the “King of New York” plus name-dropping rap’s most elite emcees.

“And I’m still a beast with these flows /Feeling real low my tree self esteem roll /We drowning out Atlantis can’t overflow beast coast /Be more specific next time you shoutin’ out a-mi-go /I am not the star? In fact I’m planet awe /F*ck what the media write, b*tch this is a fire bar /Please don’t leave your comment if you are not up to par /No names, putting you in a verse that’s too far /Your mundane can’t obtain, the knowledge of my brain /My set told me light you up so this that propane /It’s Nathan all I gotta do is just spit a flame /No escaping, you in a swimming pool of champagne /You set yourself up for that one mane /The king of New York? /Ha! we ain’t just gon’ let that one hang /Last n*gga got dethroned and you ain’t from my zone /The rest of the real n*ggas is dead and gone” (“Killuminati Part 2″)

Joey even goes as far as to label Lamar the “Prince of Bel Air.”

“I’m getting a ugh, I’m getting a ugh /From the weak sh*t that I hear /No lyrical style come near me /How they gon’ try to compare me /To what’s clearly, barely, not nearly as rare as me /Swank make hands fold like a rare disease /I got arthritis yo it’s scaring me /I got all these rap n*ggas f*cking fearing me /Heard they was looking for war but ain’t declaring me /I’m well aware, NY not Delaware /I’m the real king fella here /You more like Prince of Bel-Air /I’m clearing the air, might fire at will /These rap n*ggas don’t want the static for real /Cuz they lines not adjacent to my spectacular skill /If you don’t f*ck with cinematic stand still /My life’s a movie on the real /You can get shot with your hands on the wheel /With your pants at ya heels” (“Killuminati Part 2″)

Earlier this month, Bada$$ spoke out after getting referenced in Joe Budden‘s “Lost Control” track.

Joe Budden’s “Control” freestyle has been the talk of the rap world since it came out earlier today. One of the more notable lines came when Joe took a stab at Joey Bada$$, saying “Some of these OG’s I laugh at, y’all don’t know me to half ass/To me it’s just one Joey that’s bad ass.” Well now, the Pro Era member has responded to the line, naturally using Twitter to voice his opinion on the issue. “Unphased by joe buttin.” Joey isn’t impressed. But does this mean the youngster will finally go into the booth and respond to all the attention that keeps coming his way? Time will tell. (Complex)

The rapper made sure to initially weigh-in on Lamar’s “Control” bars earlier this month.

“Big sean verse was weak. Sorry”

“Try-state on fire”

“A lot of u rap nikkkaz scared to speak your opinions f*ck dot!!!”


“NY, yall got me?”

“How can yall think I’m hating on Kendrick right now? Much respect to him for bodying everybody. This day marks a new rap game kno dat. Haha” (Joey Bada$$’ Twitter)

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Check out “Killuminati Part 2″:

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