Joell Ortiz Reveals Life-Changing Wreck, “They Had To Cut Me Out Of The Car”

Joell Ortiz Reveals Life-Changing Wreck, “They Had To Cut Me Out Of The Car”

Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz opened up about his admiration for luxury vehicles this week and, more specifically, how one car wreck completely changed his life.

According to Ortiz, a past car accident forced him to avoid driving for a while.

“I was a passenger in a horrible accident a few years back, and it really had me scared. They had to cut me out of the car,” he revealed. “We came back from a barbecue, my boy was twisted and I fell asleep. He went head on into a divider. Yeah, it was really nasty. We were coming from Rockaway, Queens. I was stayin’ away from cars for a while. I was getting in taxis, because I had to move around, but I just felt like a taxi is a more responsible person than somebody you hop in with in the hood. So, I had to do that, but I used to still be on eggshells when we went over the W.P. Bridge. Or if they took the outer lane, I’m like, “F*ck, sir, can you move in?” I would just explain my concerns, but I started warming up to riding around here and there.” (Complex)

Mr. Yaowa also said the transition to merely getting into a car again took some time.

“I got comfortable about three years ago with just being in a car again. Being in New York, you don’t really have to own a car. So, I had that excuse. I was falling back on that, plus, I was like, “I don’t need one.” In New York you can get around in a heartbeat. It might be faster on the subway if you want to be real. The streets suck, traffic is horrible. I just moved to Jersey, where it’s a little calmer. I can move around a bit, so I’m going to get some wheels.” (Complex)

Last year, Dipset’s Jim Jones talked to SOHH about still living a fast life despite experiencing a near-fatal car crash in January 2011.

“Um, that’s a funny thing, man,” Jones told SOHH when asked if his life perspective has changed since the near-fatal car crash. “When sh*t like that happens, immediately off top you re-evaluate a lot of things that’s going on and sh*t like that. And then for some reason, I found myself doing a 120 [miles per hour] on the highway the other day. It’s the fast life, let’s go.” (SOHH)

The Diplomat rapper previously released a song called “Crash” reflecting on what took place.

“After they finished searching the van for drugs/The officer told me, if I don’t believe in God, now is the time to start/I was halfway asleep, faded off the sour/Not knowing that could have been my last hour/I seen it clear, we was on 85/Road looking clear, doing ’bout 85/A smooth sail turned into a crazy ride/I wish I could say a n*gga watched the way he drive/But he was just trying to swerve a deer/I didn’t get to see him but the Lord heard my prayers/Head-on collision with the car rail/And I’m a firm believer that God’s real/I felt my van crushed against the hard steel/At that point, I can’t tell y’all how my heart feel/I seen it happen, we were spinning like a bottle top/And I was praying, ‘Lord, please make the bottle stop.’ …” (“Crash”)

Check out a recent Joell Ortiz interview below:

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