Joell Ortiz Imagines Resurrecting Big Pun, “We Would Just Spazz Out” [Video]

Joell Ortiz Imagines Resurrecting Big Pun, “We Would Just Spazz Out” [Video]

Slaughterhouse’s Joell Ortiz has imagined what it would be like to resurrect the late Big Pun and experience a studio session with the protege of Fat Joe.

Keeping things in the essence of hip-hop, Ortiz said their collaboration would be raw and lyrics-based.

“I would probably say, let’s forget about the chorus, let’s find the hardest beat ever invented by man and let’s just rhyme,” Joell said imagining himself recording with Pun. “I don’t want to say, ‘Okay Pun, you do 16, I’ll do 16 and then we’ll go back and forth. Let’s go. You write. I write. We get in there, you do what you do, I do what I do.’ We listen back [and] of course it’s going to be fuego because you’re dealing with beasts. Man, I’d just enjoy the session man. I’d just enjoy the person. Everybody I’ve ever spoke to about Big Pun have said he’s one of the funniest guys ever. He was one of the illest dudes to be around and I would just enjoy the session and the presence of that man. But when it come to that record, we would just spazz out. However it would play out, it would play out but I’m pretty sure it would be awesome — If I got a chance to get in there with Big Pun, it’d be something great and it wouldn’t be text book or design, it’d be no chorus, it’d be a raw beat and it’d be bars and more bars and that’s just that.” (Hip Hop Nation)

In addition to releasing Pun tribute tracks, Ortiz has credited the late rapper as one of many rap pioneers who helped pave a lane for Hispanic emcees.

“Latins in Hip Hop would never have been possible without the contributions of ground breaking pioneers like, Big Pun (RIP), Cypress Hill, Melo Man Ace, Charlie Chase, Whippy Wip, Ruby Dee, Beatnuts, Tony Touch, Kid Frost, South Park Mexican, Lighter Shade of Brown, Fat Joe, Son Doobie, Tito of the Fearless Four, Tres Delinquentes, Hurricane G and others whose names I may have forgotten but whose contributions to this culture are in my blood,” Ortiz wrote in a blog post dating back to 2005. (Hip Hop Game)

On the 10th anniversary of Pun’s passing, hip-hop artists like Q-Tip and N.O.R.E. paid homage to his memory on Twitter.

“@noreaga 2/7/2000 the late GREAT BIGPUN passed away..everyone give a moment of silence AND SHOW RESPECT (via @ThaEntertainer)#ripbigpunabout 3 hours ago from Tweetie….@OGOchoCinco rest n peace big pun #ripbigpun show some love to legend who is gone homey!!! I knew this day would come I’m a little sensitive thinking bout my brother pass me a beer I got this I’m sorry y’all tears come to me when I think of my brother f*ck it I’m a man not scared to cry!!!!#ripbigpun D*mn i’m really getting weak right Now I’m have a moment#ripbigpun If we can’t make this a trending topic then f*ck Twitter#ripbigpun.” (N.O.R.E.’s Twitter)

Pun passed away from a heart attack just over ten years ago.

At Fat Joe’s urging, he checked into a weight-loss clinic in North Carolina, where he lost 80 pounds. However, he returned to the Bronx before finishing the program, and gained back everything he’d lost, plus some extra; reports had his weight fluctuating between 450-700 pounds during his last few years. Tragically, but perhaps not unpredictably, Big Punisher suffered a fatal heart attack on February 7, 2000; he was only 28 years old, and left behind a wife and three children. (All Music)

Check out Joell Ortiz speaking on Big Pun below:

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