Joell Ortiz Disses Slaughterhouse’s Record Label, “E1 Is F*cking C*ckblocking Us From Doing Something Monumental”

Joell Ortiz Disses Slaughterhouse’s Record Label, “E1 Is F*cking C*ckblocking Us From Doing Something Monumental”

Slaughterhouse‘s Joell Ortiz has blasted E1 Music and said the independent distributor is intentionally stopping his rap crew from signing with another label.

According to Ortiz, the company is restricting him from signing to a different label as part of Slaughterhouse.

“little known fact-E1 also jamming me up from doing a major, major deal as part of Slaughterhouse. so they aint getting FREEAGENT,” he wrote Sunday (March 21). “E1 is f*cking c*ckblocking us from doing something monumental for our fans and our careers. I dont give a f*ck who gets mad. its the truth im sick of the behind the scenes politics. Its time to expose certain bloodsuckers to some light. enough is enough. E1 steady telling me I suck cause I dont make DJ Khaled music at the same time they try to block me from eating elsewhere. @AlCaponeJBTV yes but they got me jammed up for another album so they saying I cant record as part of the collective anywhere else this week, I go in. Mark my words. E1 holding good brothers up cause of my agreement. its not fair to Slaughterhouse It’s all bullsh*t. they told me it would be cool to do whatever if we gave em Slaughterhouse album. they slept on slaughterhouse movement. Im out. Manager calling my fone like crazy. someone musta said something…lmao. SNITCHeSSSSSS!! yoawa to be fair, e1 is not the only people blocking theres another bozo involved. one.” (Joell Ortiz’s Twitter)

Last October, Joell addressed the rumor of Slaughterhouse being in talks to sign with Shady Records.

“Man, that would be a blessing,” Joell said about bringing his team to Shady Records. “It would be a blessing [to have] a deal with someone of that caliber, someone who gets it. Eminem is a hip-hopper, hardcore. He would be one of the few guys that would ‘get’ [and understand] Slaughterhouse. It would be [fitting.]” (“Mr. Peter Parker”)

Fellow New York rapper Tony Yayo recently said he would never sign a deal with E1 [formerly known as Koch Records].

“Would I consider signing with Koch? No,” he revealed in an interview. “Because I know 50 would structure a better deal than Koch would give me. So I would just stay over here, you know, G-Unit‘s a good label. I mean, we got our own people that work for us, so I feel like even on the T.O.S. (Terminate On Site) album, I felt like we was independent on that album, like Interscope didn’t give us the push that we need like iTunes and other places.” (BET)

E1 is known for being the home to artists like DJ Khaled, Webstar and Jim Jones. has learned that Dipset Capo Jim Jones has left Columbia Records and recently signed a deal to release his next solo studio album on E1 Music, formerly known as Koch Records. According to the contract, the Harlem rapper will also drop a mixtape vie E1 as well. Jones has a long history with the E1. Along with releasing a handful of records on the imprint, last January he was appointed vice president of urban A&R. (XXL Mag)

Check out some recent Joell Ortiz footage below:

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