Joe Budden Wipes Off Shady Records Rumor, “I Got Another Trick Up My Sleeve” [Video]

Joe Budden Wipes Off Shady Records Rumor, “I Got Another Trick Up My Sleeve” [Video]

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden has stepped forward to address speculation and rumors claiming he is signing a solo deal with Eminem‘s Shady Records.

While Budden said he is planning to make a big announcement soon, the New Jersey native said there is no truth behind the Shady rumor.

“No, no, I don’t know where you people get these crazy [rumors from],” Budden said in an interview with Mr. Peter Parker. “I didn’t even see the picture [of me and Em together] but I heard the rumors and people tweeted me all day long. I’m not, not to my knowledge anyway, I’m not being signed as a solo artist. No. All rumors. Slaughterhouse is over there, we’re extremely happy over there, we’re gonna do amazing things over there. That’s what our focus is right now. As far as Joe Budden personally, I got another trick up my sleeve that y’all are gonna hear about soon.” (Parker Vision)

Last week, speculation of a solo deal landed across the Internet.

The word is, Eminem has signed Joe Budden to a solo deal on Shady Records. We all know Joe is a member of Slaughterhouse and has been having some issues with his relationships with women becoming very public in the media. This is something we all know Eminem can relate to. Nothing has been confirmed but this could possibly be true since Joe Budden is already on the roster as part of Slaughterhouse. (The Urban Daily)

Outside of the gossip, group member Royce Da 5’9 recently talked about putting together Slaughterhouse’s Shady Records debut.

“It’s not an urban legend, though, this is happening. This is really taking place,” Joe Budden said in an interview. “We’re just getting started, we’re not gonna rush it,” said Royce. “We were behind the eight ball with the last album — we had to get it done in six days. Just having the opportunity where time is not an issue, budget is not an issue — we just gonna go in there and knock it out. — If I had a wish list, I would love somewhere around Christmas.” (RapFix)

Last month, Budden denied rumors claiming the upcoming LP is titled Monster.

“Today’s May 1st, in a couple weeks, not even a couple weeks, about a week and a half, we’re all going to Detroit and we’re gonna lock in for a few weeks and we’re going to record,” Budden said in a video. “[Is the album called Monster?] MTV is dead a** wrong, I have no idea where they got that bullsh*t from. What type of name is that anyway? Monster? So I don’t know where MTV got that information from but it’s not accurate. We don’t have a name, we don’t have a title. It’s so premature. We’re just rocking out.” (In Flex We Trust)

Check out Joe Budden’s interview below:

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