Joe Budden To Saigon, “Ain’t Diss You Then But Now I Will”

Joe Budden To Saigon, “Ain’t Diss You Then But Now I Will”

After a brief back and forth in interviews, Joe Budden has now released “A Letter to Saigon” taking aim at the New York emcee’s rap career.

Tension between the two artists began last summer when Saigon took notice of a reference in a Budden record called “Roll Call,” to which Joe Budden says he  didn’t intend as a diss.

As soon as my wife gone they all on the Python/ They don’t know I’m out to hit and run like Saigon…” “I ain’t really mean nothing by the line. I didn’t say it to purposely ruffle his feathers, but yeah, he caught offense to it,” Budden said. “He got sensitive over it like a lot of emcees do.” (Smack DVD)

Saigon recently blamed Budden for attempting a rap beef by calling a previous scuffle between Sai and Mobb Deep’s Prodigy a “hit and run.” 

“Beef creates attention. The thing about me is I don’t bother nobody but because I’m a ‘conscious’ black rapper, n*ggas pick on me. Joe Budden, I never did anything to this man in my life. Why would you just start up with me.” (Hip Hop Game)

Budden has now taken aim at Saigon’s career via the new track.

“Speak my mind, and n*ggas start feeling a way/Say what I feel, it ain’t my fault they feel what I say/ Seem like in every interview, n*ggas wanna mention dude/ He took my good punch line and got it misconstrued, ain’t diss you then, but now I will/ Just saying how I feel..”

“Got your camera showing off your tiny town house and your girl gone ’cause you ain’t a real star/Not even a World Star/ The Greatest Story Ever Told will be never told/ Your mixtapes never sold — I see an insecure n*gga trying to prove something/Desperate ’cause his music don’t move nothin’.” (Amalgam Digital)

Saigon has yet to respond to the diss record as of today (January 15).

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