Joe Budden & Tahiry Reunite W/ Emotional, Heated Exchange [Video]

Joe Budden & Tahiry Reunite W/ Emotional, Heated Exchange [Video]

Former couple Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose finally reunite after a publicized break-up two years ago but with heated words for one another in the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop.”

In the show’s latest teaser, the former lovebirds are shown on multiple occasions together.

The Love & Hip-Hop reality series was such a hit this year that people who weren’t even into rap tuned in to watch the drama unfold. Our friends Jim Jones and Chrissy were definitely the couple to watch on last season’s New York show, but we’re pretty certain Joe Budden and his “girls” (Are we really going to see his ex-Tahiry, bestfriend-Raqi and current girl Kaylin?) will take the cake in 2013. The new season of vh1’s Love & Hip-Hop will debut on Jan 7th at 8pm. (Miss Info TV)

In the debut episode description, titled “The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth,” they are reportedly trying to iron out some issues.

Exes Tahiry and Joe have some unfinished business and are trying to redefine their friendship while dealing with interference from Joe’s “best friend” and trouble maker Raqi Thunda. Rich and Erica have taken their relationship to a new level and Yandy has deals with her expanding family. (VH1)

Joey slightly addressed his situation with Tahiry on Twitter this week.

“Shut up, lol RT @CocoSugarKiss: @Me tahiry goes hard!! But I feel her tho “don’t u have someone, isn’t she the one you should be going to?”,” he tweeted December 24th.

“Tahiry. RT @draebird: @Me what one person would you like to play Truth or Truth with?” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Tahiry also hopped on her Twitter page and embraced the “Love & Hip Hop” attention.

“Just stole this great pic of me getting ready to kill the intro to the#lovehiphop3 #vh1 opening. ????”


“Look who it is… meeeee bitches Go To http://VH1.COM NOW!!!!#lovehiphop3 NY HOLLA!” (Tahiry’s Twitter)

Check out the latest trailer:

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