Joe Budden Sticks To The Script: “I Wasn’t There To Fight Or Make Him Look A Way” [Video]

Joe Budden Sticks To The Script: “I Wasn’t There To Fight Or Make Him Look A Way” [Video]

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden is refusing to let media oulets paint him as a bad guy, weeks after confronting fellow “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Consequence on-camera, and is sticking to the script.

According to Joey, his brief run-in with Cons last month was merely to clear the air and make sure there were no real problems between them.

“He had no prior knowledge that I would be up there and I didn’t know that he’d be there. But when I saw him, you know I walked out first, but then I was like nah I have to, I have to say something to him,” Budden explained in an interview. “I just wanted to have a conversation with him, face to face about anything that him or his significant other wanted to address to me. I wasn’t there to fight or make him look a way, it wasn’t a set-up, cameras, I wasn’t there for that.” (This Is 50)

Around mid-February, Budden broke his silence on the tense face-off.

“I gave him the opportunity [to speak] because I’ve seen him quite a few times, so, I gave him the opportunity to say anything that he or his wife needed to say to me,” Budden explained in an interview. “[What did he need to say?] Well, I don’t know. But if anything, let it be done there. [laughs] I have heard so much about that approach [I did], people have been calling me ‘Dexter.’ [I had] coffee. … I just wanted to see what was up with him. … I wouldn’t have taken it very far at all, where we were. You know, because that’s just not smart. … I don’t invite him over for Spades or anything like that, but I would like to think that we have an understanding. But I thought that prior to that conversation. I always think that everything is cool until I have to find out things aren’t cool via radio, via media, you know. Hopefully we won’t have that issue.” (Sway’s Universe)

The heated incident took place in early February at New York radio station Hot 97.

To no one’s surprise, it looks like Joe Budden hasn’t taken kindly to comments Consequence made about him in recent interviews with The Breakfast Club and Vlad TV. But it was Cons who was caught off-guard when guesting on Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show, when his Love & Hip-Hop New York co-star interrupted the interview and confronted him directly. Budden called out Cons for talking slick about him behind his back, while Consequence fumbled his way out of a potential altercation (thankfully things didn’t get physical, though) and blamed his interviewers and Raqi Thunda for instigating. Needless to say, it was a pretty awkward situation. We feel for you, Ciph! (Miss Info TV)

After the incident went down, the former G.O.O.D. Music affiliate hopped onto his Twitter page to discredit the confrontation footage.

“So Joe didn’t Walk out & come back once he got the Heart 2 Holla? I just explained things so the company I was with off cam didn’t blitz,” Cons tweeted February 5th.

“Where’s that footage??? And where’s the footage of Joe talking Jen??? #Reaching”

“I PROMISE that Edit is BOGUS… But it’s COOL. Believe what you want.”

“NO MORE TALKING #StraightLikeThat” (Consequence’s Twitter)

Check out Joe Budden’s interview:

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